For some games, just getting through the level is enough. But with the Devil May Cry series, you’re gonna wanna aim for that glorious S rank, because that’s what the game is all about. That Smokin’ Sick Style.

To that end, here are some tips on how to keep that style rank up and get those SSS ranks.

Video: How to Get SSS Ranks in DMC5

First off, here’s some universal tips that apply to all characters:

Avoid Getting Hit[edit]


Still, it’s worth nothing that your style rank will go down immensely whenever you take a hit, so knowing how to avoid taking damage is extremely important if you want those SSS ranks.

Devil May Cry is a little weird in the way that the best way to avoid taking hits is almost always by jumping, as opposed to rolling. The start up of your jump has invulnerability frames, so make sure to make use of them whenever you get a chance.

Buy Enemy Step ASAP (As Nero and Dante)[edit]

“Enemy Step” is the most useful upgrade when it comes to increasing your style rank, because it gives you the ability to use Jump Cancels.

A Jump Cancel is when you cancel the animation of your attack by jumping off an enemy with Enemy Step. Basically, this allows you to keep Nero and Dante in the air almost infinitely by jump cancelling before the final hit of your air combo, which would normally knock the enemy away.

Using an enemy step also resets the move counter, allowing you to use powerful and style heavy techniques like Calibur multiple times before landing.

Taunts are great for increasing your style rank without actually doing any damage. Always look to start and end your combos with a taunt, and even throw some air taunts in there as well. Keep an eye on your style meter when you taunt, as once it goes up, you can cancel out of the taunt with a jump since it won’t go up anymore after that initial bump.

Mix It Up[edit]

You need to vary up your offense if you want to have a chance of getting an SSS rank. You won’t get far in the style ranks if you just use the same combo over and over.

Use your various ground combos, air combos, devil breakers, and switch up your weapons as Dante,

Try to Stay in the Air[edit]

You’re much safer in the air than on the ground, so in general, try to focus more on air combos than ground combos. That being said, you will have to mix it up, so don’t treat this advice as “never fight on the ground,” just that in general, try to keep your fights airborne when possible.

The following tips apply for specific characters – be aware of these when playing as your faves!

Use Your Devil Breakers (Nero)[edit]

Your Devil Breakers will often be the key to getting SSS Ranks with Nero. Make sure to always be on the lookout for how you can incorporate your devil breaker into your combo.

With Overture, use it to punctuate quick 2-3 hit combos; With Gerbera, the best way to keep an air combo going with Gerbera is by bouncing them backwards; With Punchline, know that it will stay out longer when you have a higher style rank, allowing you to effectively lock an enemy down. Be creative!

Know What Your Ultimate Attacks Do (Nero)[edit]

Know what each devil breaker’s ultimate attack does and how you can best make use of it. Overture’s bombs are great when there’s a bunch of smaller enemies all grouped together; Gerbera’s aerial ultimate destroys in closed in-doors areas; and Buster and Punchline are meant for big enemies that get stunned, just to name a few examples.

Use The Exceed Mechanic (Nero)[edit]

he most important thing to know as Nero when it comes to increasing your style rank is that if you’ve purchased the “Exceed” skill, you can instantly charge your Red Queen by pressing LT just as your sword hits. Get used to this timing and try to remember to always attempt to charge your sword with every swing.

Charged attacks do more damage, gain more style, and also add new properties to moves like Streak, Calibur, High Roller, Split, and more, all of which are also techniques that you should buy.

Air Taunt (Nero)[edit]

Nero’s air taunt keeps him in the air while also bumping up his style rating a fair bit. Combine air taunts with his grapple to stay in the air, then pulling enemies to you.

Jump Cancels Are Even More Important (Dante)[edit]

Dante relies even more on jump cancels than Nero, because without them, he has a very hard time staying in the air. An easy way to stay airborne is to equip the Rebellion/Sparda and Swordmaster stance, and after two hits of aerial rave, jump cancel, two hits, jump cancel, two hits, jump cancel, wash, rinse, and repeat.

Know What Styles Are Good For Each Encounter (Dante)[edit]

Swordmaster is the go-to style when you’re looking to really amp up that style rank with its nearly limitless toolset of moves and abilities. However, Royal Guard gives a lot of style points when you’re able to perfectly parry attacks to build up that Royal Guard meter, and then use “Release” to send back all that stored damage.

Trickster is great for mobility, but won’t build much style on its own. Use Trickster to close the distance with techniques like “Air Trick,” and then switch to swordmaster to keep up the aggression and build the style meter faster.

Switch Up Your Weapons (Dante)[edit]

Dante is a swiss army knife in terms of his arsenal of weapons, so just make sure to switch up your weapons if you notice that your style meter is dropping or not building as fast as you think it should be.

Use Your Devil Trigger Meter! (V)[edit]

Holding the left trigger while pressing X or Y will cause Shadow and Griffon to attack autonomously. The AI actually does an amazing job of doing heavy damage, allowing you to focus on dodging, build your style meter by taunting, or read a book to build your Devil Trigger meter.

Chain Multiple Kills Together (V)[edit]

You get more style points if you’re able to chain kills together, so try to get multiple enemies ready for the kill, before you start teleporting in and stabbing enemies with your cane.

Know When To Use Nightmare (V)[edit]

When there are a bunch of enemies, summoning Nightmare is generally the way to go to build up style and lay waste to your enemies. But when you’re fighting a few very tough enemies, it’s better to spend your DT meter by having Shadow and Griffon attack autonomously.

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