This page covers the best skills to purchase first for Nero, V, and Dante in Devil May Cry 5.

  • See Tips and Tricks for additional info on how to use these skills effectively and more

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Nero’s Best Skills to Unlock First[edit]

1. Speed 
This ability simply lets Nero run faster, but man is it helpful to get around. 

2. Streak
Streak is a Red Queen Skill that lets Nero rush forward to an enemy he locks on to. This skill is essential to keeping up with enemies, especially when they spread out, or try to run away. 

3. Roulette Spin

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This aerial Red Queen Skill give Nero a combo that lets him stay in the air longer. As explained in-depth on the Tips and Tricks page, staying in the air is fantastic for both offensive and defensive reasons.

Use Y,Y, (pause), Y when jumping to give Nero a boost that helps him stay aloft.

4. Split
This Red Queen Skill gives Nero a combo-finisher from the air that slams enemies back into the ground. While locking onto an enemy in the air, press RB+LS back + Y. Follow up with a Streak to keep the combo going.

5. Enemy Step

This ability will change Nero’s air game. It lets him jump on enemies with A while near an enemy midair, allowing him to stay aloft pretty much indefinitely. It’s expensive, but very worth it – especially for bosses!

6. Air Hike This gives Nero a second jump, letting you explore areas a little easier.

7. Calibur This one is also expensive, but this Red Queen skill basically gives Nero the ability to use Streak mid-air.

Honorable Mentions:

Wire Snatch 2 – Longer Wire Snatch reach, what’s not to like?

V’s Best Skills to Unlock First[edit]

1. Quickplay It’s Nero’s Speed, but for V. Though, V’s version is infinitely cooler. To move faster, V surfs on Shadow’s…shadow! Not useful for combat, but great for getting around and exploring.

2. Breakthrough

Essentially Streak, but for Shadow. This allows the demon panther to close distance on enemies fast while simultaneously dealing damage.

2. Flank Attack

3. Blockade 2
This is a powered-up version of Griffon’s lighting attack. Hold X/Square, then release, to unleash three pillars of lightning.

4. Royal Fork

This is a very expensive Cane skill for V, so maybe it shouldn’t be purchased first, but it’s pretty cool. Especially useful after destroying multiple enemies at once after calling Nightmare, this skill lets V finish all dying enemies in one fell swoop. You just need enough DT Gauge to pull it off

Honorable Mention:

Any of the extra Combo skills for Shadow and Griffon.

Dante’s Best Skills to Unlock First[edit]

1. Stinger It’s Nero’s Streak, but for Dante. Close the gap fast and strike your enemies while they’re off guard.

2. Speed

Yep, it’s the same as Nero’s Speed. Get places faster!

3. Every Level 2 Style Upgrade (Or Just Your Favorite)

You don’t have to switch between Dante’s styles, so you could only upgrade your favorite. However, upgrading them all to at least level 2 will give you a great feel for what they’re all really capable of. They’re not too expensive and give each style extra abilities!

4. Million Stab

This is a great follow up to Stinger. After closing the gap, you can then unleash a series of stabs holding Y, dealing great damage to a single enemy while building combos.

5. Trigger Heart

Dante’s Devil Trigger is amazing – it increases his damage output and heals him, so anything that can make that better is fantastic! Trigger Heart makes it so Dante’s Devil Trigger gauge depletes slower.

6. Enemy Step

This is just as useful with Dante as it is with Nero – it helps Dante stay aloft in the air with enemies, so he can both deal great single-target damage while simultaneously avoiding threats from below.

Honorable Mentions:

Dante has a huge number of skills to him. Most of the first skills on each of his unique weapon’s lists are worth at least testing out, like Cavaliere’s Cross Line and Balrog’s Bantam Revenge,

Are we missing any of your favorite skills you unlocked first? Let us know in the comments!

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