One Freelancer’s been very busy in the Appearance menu.

When a video game includes a character creator, a lot of folks will spend hours making sure every little detail is perfect. After all, this is the character you’re going to be looking at for possibly dozens of hours.

But Anthem takes a different approach. Here, your javelin is the star. And what’s great is that you can continuously customize it any way you’d like! With four javelin models, multiple gear sets per javelin, and an unlimited amount of color combinations, gamers have taken to making some of the coolest, and unique robots we’ve ever seen. Luckily, there is a great way to see the communities crazy creations. If you search for #MyJavelin on Twitter, you’ll be treated to hundreds of pictures of people showing off their incredible creations.

One user, who goes by the Twitter handle @Grinchmaen seems to have dedicated their time to recreating some of the most iconic comic book and video game characters of all time. From Assassin’s Creed titular killers to hulking comic book characters like the Juggernaut, there seems to be no end to what can be created here. So please enjoy their javelins below, and make sure to throw him a follow on Twitter, as they seem to be uploading new designs almost every single day!

Mark Medina is a video producer for IGN, who thinks Anthem is super fun but wishes he could spend a little less time in the Forge, getting those colors JUST RIGHT. He might share some of his own designs on Twitter.

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