Blizzard recently began teasing another Overwatch story, seeming to focus on a new character named Baptiste. The company has now released a lengthy story trailer focusing on his background, and confirming that he’ll be the next playable hero.

As detailed in the story trailer, Baptiste was one of millions orphaned during the Omnic Crisis. In an apparent act of desperation, he joined the villainous group Talon. But he came to regret his decision and abandoned them. As detailed in the initial teaser, the group subsequently sent operatives to silence him, and they went missing themselves. Now he roams the world trying to help people, whether they need a band-aid or a bullet.

The first teaser was a letter signed by a Captain Cuerva, as part of one of the Talon ops to capture or kill Baptiste. Cuerva said not to underestimate Baptiste, and that he personally oversaw his Talon training. Cuerva’s mission went awry and several agents went missing. At the time, it wasn’t clear if Baptiste was the new hero or Cuerva.

Now we know for certain that it’s Baptiste, but we haven’t seen his abilities or play style, or exactly when he’s coming as a playable character. The attention given to his background as a medic suggests he’ll be a support character.

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