Executing combos in Anthem is hugely important for doing a ton of damage in tough fights. This Primer and Detonator combo guide will provide quick reference chart for each javelin along with gear suggestions.

An easy way to tell if you have a primer or detonator equipped is to take a look at your gear. If the ability is marked by a circle with an outline, then it’s a primer. If it’s marked by a bold, four-point star, it’s a detonator.

It’s important to remember that your teammates can also use their primers and detonators in conjunction with yours. If you see something primed, take the shot to detonate it if your teammate doesn’t.

Combos also award your javelin a bonus effect. See those effects and all primer and detonators below.

Ranger Primer and Detonators[edit]

The Ranger is designed to be a balanced soldier-type class. While there are ways to build it for AoE (area of effect) damage to take on multiple targets, a lot of its gear makes it great for single-target encounters. How you want to build your ranger in completely up to you!

Ranger Combo Bonus: Gain extra bonus damage to a single target on top of your ability

Ranger Primers Description

Frost Grenade


Freeze enemies in place for a few seconds.

Inferno Grenade


Set enemies on fire. This causes damage over time.

Venom Darts

(Assault Launcher)

Poison your enemies with acid damage.

Melee Attack

(Shock Mace)

The Ranger is equipped with a shock mace that deals Electric damage.
Ranger Detonators Description

Seeking Missile

(Assault Launcher)

This projectile ability seeks out one target and others around the target.

Pulse Blast

(Assault Launcher)

Blast a single target with an energy blast. Charge this ability for a more powerful attack.

Sticky Grenade


A grenade that sticks onto a target or location.

Frag Grenade


Deals damage to a large area.

Multi-Target Missile Battery


This is the Ranger‘s ultimate ability that allows the Ranger to target multiple enemies before shooting a barrage of missiles. Try to prime a group of enemies yourself or ask allies for help to maximize the damage dealt with this ultimate ability.

Storm Primer and Detonators[edit]

The Storm is a master of the elements, and when used correctly, they can be an even more devastating source of power. The Storm‘s gear allows it to single out a primary target while doing splash damage to nearby enemies, or to target a mass group and deal even damage all at once.

Storm Combo Bonus: Elemental debuff spreads to all targets in proximity

Storm Primers Description

Frost Shards

(Focus Seal)

Shoot a barrage of ice shards that gradually freeze a target in place.

Shock Burst

(Focus Seal)

A charge of electric energy that can bounce off walls to reach targets behind cover.

Ice Storm

(Blast Seal)

Place a field of ice that explodes with frost damage and freezes enemies.

Living Flame

(Blast Seal)

A burst of fire that seeks out and ignites targets.

Ice Blast

(Blast Seal)

Hurl chunks of ice at enemies. It can freeze enemies close-range.

Elemental Storm


The storm calls upon the elements to do massive damage in a large, targeted area. This acts as a primer and a detonator.
Storm Detonators Description

Lightning Strike
(Blast Seal)

Deal lightning damage at a targeted area.

Glacial Spear
(Focus Seal)

Fire a beam of ice energy at a targeted area.

Burning Orb
(Focus Seal)

Shoot off balls of fire in rapid succession or charge it for a more powerful projectile that deals heavy fire damage and explodes on impact.

Elemental Storm

The storm calls upon the elements to do massive damage in a large, targeted area. This acts as a primer and a detonator.

Melee Attack

Storm‘s melee attack acts as a detonator.

The Interceptor is a speed demon and excels in dealing single-target damage. Use the Interceptor‘s speed to zoom in, deal tons of damage, and evade incoming attacks.

Interceptor Combo Bonus: Gain an aura based on the status applied to the enemy

Interceptor Primers Description

Cryo Glave
(Assault Systems)

Locks onto one or two targets and freezes them.

Venom Bomb
(Assault Systems)

This grenade coats its targets in acid, dealing damage over time.

Venom Spray
(Strike Systems)

A spray that deals acid damage to its targets.

Detonating Strike
(Strike System)

Contrary to its name, this is a primer. The melee attack charges a target. If killed with the charge active, the enemy explodes and deals damage to other nearby targets.
Interceptor Detonators Description

Tempest Strike

(Strike System)

A melee strike that deals physical damage.

Spark Dash

(Assault System)

Dash forward to leave behind a trail of dangerous electricity.

Melee Attack

Give ’em a good tap to detonate primed targets.

Assassin’s Blades

The Interceptor‘s ultimate ability is a fury of swipes that can detonate primed targets.

Similar to the Interceptor, the Colossus is built to get up and close to targets. The Colossus javelin is equipped with abilities that help it take on waves of enemies all at once through consistent damage.

Colossus Combo Bonus: Extra bonus damages to enemies

Colossus Primer Description

Shock Coil

(Ordnance Launcher)

Hi targets near the Colossus with an electric wave that deals damage.

Firewall Mortar

(Ordnance Launcher)

Create a wall of fire in a selected area with this ability.

Venom Spitter

(Heavy Assault Launchers)

Throw venom down on your targets.


(Heavy Assault Launchers)

This is the standard kind of flamethrower that allows you to shoot a dangerous blast of fire at your targets.
Colossus Detonator Description

High Explosive Mortar

(Ordnance Launcher)

Deal heavy damage in a targeted area with these projectiles.

Lightning Coil

(Ordnance Launcher)

Shock enemies with this ability that targets a random enemy.

Siege Artillery

(Heavy Assault Launcher)

Target your enemies with this heavy artillery to blast them away.


(Heavy Assault Launcher)

Charge this up then choose a target to receive this destructive blast.

Melee Attack

Give an enemy a good hit to set off primers.

Siege Cannon


The Colossus ultimate allows it to take multiple, explosive shots at target locations.

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