Metro Exodus is a first-person, story-driven shooter based on the Metro novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. In fact, the story for Metro Exodus was co-developed in collaboration with Glukhovsky. In keeping with its novel origins, the game is divided into a series of chapters with diary entries by the lead character, Artyom, that recap what just happened and set the tone for what’s to come.

“Do I need to play the previous Metro games?”[edit]

This always comes down to personal preference but the game does a good job at introducing newcomers to the game as the entire adventure is set in post-apocalyptic Russia and focussed on Artyom seeking out a life beyond the Metro, something many of his peers don’t even believe exists.

Mechanically, you are constantly given on-screen prompts for how to execute the next task. When you reload your game you’re also given tips related to the game which you can refer to at any time from the pause menu. If you’re struggling with anything else, or just want to improve, our Metro Exodus Wiki Guide will have everything you need.

If you’ve never played a Metro game before the learning curve and lore is still approachable. And reading the rest of this page will tell you everything you need to know before you get started.

Skills to Master[edit]

The team describes the game as a first-person shooter with some elements of survival horror. But don’t let the survival horror element scare you off. the Enemies look disturbing, there’s a very occasional jump scare, and the first-person perspective can lead to some frightening and bloody close encounters but most won’t find the game scary. Rather, the survival horror element is more closely related to inventory management, crafting, etc.

Below are more details on the skills you’ll need to use (and hopefully master) in Metro Exodus.

  • Conserving Resources: use as much as you need, no more. You’ll need to find resources to craft, pick up ammo lying around, and can’t craft certain bullets on the go so don’t waste anything. All of the following skills will help you do this.
  • Stealth: the best way to sneak up on human enemies is to crouch and stay out of the light. You can tell if you’re in the light by seeing if the tiny bulb above the face of your watch is glowing or not. If it’s glowing, you’re in the light. Stealth takedowns also helps you to save bullets which takes some of the pressure off of conversing resources.
  • Exploration: You’ll want to take your time in Metro Exodus because combing over any given area will help you find more Items, Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, and Collectibles that will enhance the story.
  • Shooting: honestly, you don’t have to be great at this but the better you are the more bullets you’ll save and the less bloody you get the fewer medkits you’ll use. This is ranked lowest because even though this is a shooter only a few sections are pure firefights and often times another of the Characters is with you.
  • Crafting: can be done on the go but some bullets or secondary weapons can only be crafted at a Workbench Location. Be sure to make supplies regularly so you don’t find yourself in a scuffle without a medkit or choking without a new filter for your gas mask. This is easy to do but you have to remember to do it and choose your items wisely.

This may sound like a lot but stealth, exploration, and patience will guarantee you success above all else. If you implement these strategies you don’t have to be a pro at shooters to enjoy Metro Exodus.

Additional Tips[edit]

  • Even when exploring in big open areas move slowly and constantly look around. There may be a mutant nearby, hiding in the sand, etc. Don’t run wild just because you’re in between missions.
  • Beware of the water, Shrimp can attack your boat and can even spew toxic sludge at your when you’re on shore.
  • Play with different weapon configurations, even mid-mission using your backpack. A new scope or a silencer can go a long way.
  • Don’t worry about not finding a Workbench right away. The first one is given to you directly as part of the campaign.

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