Final Fantasy IX, a Yoshi demo, a Captain Toad update, and more.

The February 13 Nintendo Direct featured plenty of announcements, including the reveal of five games and demos that will be available for download on the Nintendo Switch today.

Read on to find out what you can download today, as well as additional details from our other Direct coverage.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Co-Op Update

A free update for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be available today that gives the game full co-op functionality – two players can control Toad and Toadette and explore every existing level in the game together.

This is a change from the co-op Treasure Tracker already features, which allows one player to control Toad and another to control a disembodied hand to spin levels and prod enemies.

Additionally, Nintendo will release a paid DLC pack for Captain Toad on March 14. That DLC pack will be available for preorder later today, and will introduce 18 new challenges, including five new courses. Those who preorder can gain early access to one of these new levels.

A bundle featuring both the main game and DLC will also be available on the eShop today.

Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo

Ahead of Yoshi;s Crafted World’s March 29 release date, Nintendo will make available today a free demo for the upcoming platformer.

The demo will allow players to take on the first course of Crafted World.

Additionally, Nintendo highlighted Crafted World’s suite of 180-plus costumes, which include a Nintendo Labo-designed suit for Yoshi to wear. These costumes allow Yoshi to protect himself from enemies.

Final Fantasy IX on Switch

One of the many Final Fantasy games announced for the Nintendo Switch in a previous Nintendo Direct, Final Fantasy IX will be available for download later today on Switch.

Additionally, Nintendo detailed the upcoming availability of a couple other FF games, including Final Fantasy VII, which will be released on March 26.

Daemon x Machina Demo

First revealed at E3 2018, Daemon x Machina is set to come to the Nintendo Switch this summer. Ahead of that release, a free demo is being made available today called the Prototype Missions.

The demo features four different missions, giving players a taste of the controls and customization options the full game will offer, along with a boss battle at the end of the final mission.

Daemon x Machina’s developers are also heavily encouraging feedback on the demo, including both via Twitter and in a survey that will be sent to some players of the demo.

Tetris 99 for Switch Online Subscribers

Tetris 99 is a new battle royale game which pits 99 Tetris players online against one another to prove who is ultimately the best at building oddly shaped bricks into lines.

It is available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

For more on what Nintendo revealed, be sure to catch up on all of our February 13 Nintendo Direct Coverage.

Jonathon Dornbush is IGN’s News Editor and Beyond! host. Talk to him on twitter about Tetris 99 strategies @jmdornbush.

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