The Bonus Heirloom set is a very, very special set with a <1% drop chance when opening Apex Packs (loot boxes). There is currently only one Heirloom Set in Apex Legends. This set has three items for Wraith – a Banner Pose, a Melee Weapon Skin (which is being referred to as Wraith Knife), and an Intro Quip.

The Heirloom Set does not count as opening an Apex Pack, so you’ll get to open the pack you earned (or purchased after receiving the bonus set. The Heirloom Set cannot be crafted. The Apex Legends FAQ states that “a player cannot open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving an Heirloom set.”

Here’s an image of the Heirloom Set that was posted by kylew205 on Reddit:

This page will be updated once there are more Heirloom sets added to Apex Legends. Learn more about the Apex Legends packs on the Apex Legends Currency and Loot Box Guide.

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