Although Apex Legends may have the typical battle royale format when it comes to spawning and weapon choices, it is their bold character decisions that help set it apart from other games in the genre.


Apex Legends currently has eight unique characters to choose from with each of these characters ultimately being designed to work together with only one objective – winning.

If you’re thinking of maining a specific character, you may want to think again, as character selection is based off a first come, first serve system. Meaning that if you are planning on becoming good at Apex Legends, you are going to need to learn multiple different characters to do so.

With a total of eight different characters available at launch, we have compiled a complete list of all characters and their stats. Click or tap on a name to learn more about individual Legends, or read more about our thoughts on the best legends (so far) at the bottom of the page

We know what you’re looking for. Which of these Apex Legends characters is in the meta, and how can you use them to match your playstyle to become the champion? Well, with such a limited pool, it really depends on how you play (with the exception of one character).

For players that enjoy the “run and gun” lifestyle, the obvious choices are Bangalore, Bloodhound or Pathfinder. Those who prefer the more reserved approach ought to consider Caustic, Gibraltar, or Lifeline, and those who want to sneak around their foes should learn to master Wraith and/or Mirage.

Really, though, it’s all about how your squad works together in order to bring home the Champion’s Laurel.

“Best” is, of course, a relative term – but for us it means the most effective and most versatile combination of characters that a team can put together. To that end, the backbone of a reliable squad loadout is:

Gibraltar‘s ability to deploy a shield protecting you from enemy damage as well as blocking enemy paths, coupled with Lifeline‘s healing drone is the most valuable one-two punch you can put together in Apex Legends. The third member of your team depends on how you want your squad to function…

Aggresive: Wraith
For teams who want to press the attack, Wraith allows your offensive player a great deal of maneuverability across the battlefield.
Tactical: Bloodhound
If you want to know where to find or how to avoid your enemies, Bloodhound‘s tracking-focused skill set is the ideal choice for your team.
Defensive: Caustic
Should your team wish to lock down one area at a time and maintain control of it, Caustic is your best bet, using his traps to surprise enemies coming through doors or up stairwells.

Honestly, the third teammate can be almost anyone, but Gibraltar and Lifeline can realistically take/recover from the most damage. The real meat of this combo is for Bloodhound to locate an enemy squad, Gibraltar/Lifeline to draw their fire (or Caustic to lure them in), and Wraith to use their phase ability to flank and get the drop on them.

For those teams who are all about covering as much ground as possible as fast as they can – these are the fastest members of the Legends crew.

The ultimate three-person mind-blower. Combo Bangalore’s tactical smoke with Mirage‘s … well… mirages, along with Wraith’s voidwalkings skills, and your opponents will be so confused in the cloud they won’t know which way is up – or where your bullets are coming from.

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