The somewhat bare bones Nintendo Switch Online service could be getting some much needed updates in the future, according to a statement by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa.

During the company’s Q3 financial briefing to investors, Furukawa revealed that the Switch Online service has eight million subscribers right now, a surprisingly high number for such a nascent service. The number doesn’t include free trials, but does include entire family memberships. Cryptically, Furukawa also added that they are working to expand the Switch’s online offerings, though didn’t detail what these would be.

Nintendo launched their Switch Online service this past September after over a year’s delay in getting it implemented. The pay-for-online service was announced at the Switch reveal event in January 2017 and was meant to launch a little bit into the Switch’s life, but the company seemingly had difficulty in getting it up and running. While cheaper than competing services, the Switch’s online features leave a lot to be desired, like better friends lists, system-level voice chat, etc.

Rumors from a recent datamine suggest that Nintendo is on the verge of bringing SNES games to the Switch’s classic library, a Netflix-style application that adds new games every month. 

What would you want Nintendo to add to bolster the online service? Eshop games exclusive to subscribers? The same features as PSN and Xbox Live? Let us know below in the comments.

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