Like previous games, Kingdom Hearts III has the Ultima Weapon, one of the most powerful Keyblades Sora can obtain. Synthesizing it requires a laundry list of rare materials, but the most difficult of these components to find is Orichalcum+. This rare commodity can be found in seven specific ways. Below we detail all seven methods through which you can get Orichalcum, as well as how to start synthesizing the Ultima Weapon in general.

For more tips, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide feature. You can also read our review for our full thoughts about the game. We’ve also published a look at just how we reviewed it as well.

How To Unlock the Ultima Weapon Recipe

If you’re vying to get the Ultima Weapon, you’re going to need to unlock its Synthesis recipe first. To do this, you need to obtain 58 different Synthesis Materials. You generally earn Synthesis Materials from defeating bosses or other strong enemies; they’re also obtained from treasure chests across the different worlds.

The Recipe

When you first get the recipe, you'll likely notice you're short of an incredibly rare Synthesis Material called Orichalcum+.
When you first get the recipe, you’ll likely notice you’re short of an incredibly rare Synthesis Material called Orichalcum+.

There’s a high chance that you’ve naturally accumulated many of the Ultima Weapon’s various Synthesis Materials throughout your journey. But for reference, the recipe is as follows:

  • Orichalcum+ x 7
  • Wellspring Crystal x 2
  • Lucid Crystal x 2
  • Pulsing Crystal x 2
Make sure you equip the Lucky Sheriff to up your chances of getting Wellspring Crystals from the enemies in Battlegate 12.
Make sure you equip the Lucky Sheriff to up your chances of getting Wellspring Crystals from the enemies in Battlegate 12.

Before we jump into where to find some Orichalcum+, let’s cover the other materials first. Both the Lucid Crystal and Pulsing Crystal can be crafted via the Synthesis menu (unlocked upon collecting 32 and 30 Synthesis Materials respectively). On the other hand, the Wellspring Crystal must be earned by defeating enemies out in the field.

There are a couple methods to get Wellspring Crystals, but a great way to gather some is by completing Battlegate 12 in San Fransokyo. If you haven’t unlocked Battlegates yet, we suggest progressing the story until you do. The enemies in this optional challenge drop Wellspring Crystals. Just make sure to equip the Favorite Deputy Keyblade, as its Lucky Strike ability increases how often enemies drop items.

The Seven Ways To Get Orichalcum+:

As stated above, Orichalcum+ is an incredibly rare material. There are seven in total throughout the entire game, which is precisely the amount you need to craft the Ultima Weapon. Below we detail how to get each one.

Turn in a Moogle Raffle Ticket

It takes a while, but keep reloading your game until you net an Orichalcum+ from the mailbox.
It takes a while, but keep reloading your game until you net an Orichalcum+ from the mailbox.

Getting this Orichalcum+ is more up to chance than anything else. When you get your hands on a Moogle Raffle Ticket–typically rewarded after purchasing items at the shop–go ahead and create a save slot. Then take that ticket to the mailbox in Twilight Town and send it out. If you don’t get an Orichalcum+, reload your game and repeat the sending process. If luck is on your side, you’ll get your hands on one before you know it.

Collect all the Treasures in the Arendelle Sled Mini-Game

When you talk to Elsa after completing the story sections of Arendelle, you can play a fun sledding mini-game. As you go through the track, you’ll spot several numerically marked treasures. It’ll take a few runs across its myriad pathways to find them, but once you’ve collected them all, you’ll earn an Orichalcum+.

A Chest in The Caribbean World

There are several islands across the massive Caribbean world. An Orichulum+ can be found in a treasure chest on Exile Island, which is southwest from the center of the map. You’ll see it hidden in a small grove.

Collect All the Lucky Emblems

You discover early on a special type of collectible called Lucky Emblems, which are Mickey Mouse symbols that you “collect” by taking a snapshot of it with your Gummiphone. On normal difficulty, photographing a majority of them nets you the secret ending, but if you’re committed enough to collect all 90, you’re rewarded with an Orichalcum+. If you need help finding all the Lucky Emblems, watch the video above or check out our in-depth location guide.

A Chest in the Keyblade Graveyard

This Orichalcum+ is located in a treasure chest at the End of the World section of the Keyblade Graveyard–an area you can only access during the final portions of the game. Simply approach the red transport orb in the open field after crossing the narrow pathway by the save point. This will take you to the End of the World section where the treasure chest is located.

Defeat the Eclipse Galaxy Bosses

This is yet another Orichalcum+ that can only be accessed near the end of the game. When the Eclipse Galaxy opens up after you reach the Keyblade Graveyard, fly your Gummiship around until you find the Colossus Pyramid boss. Defeating it unlocks four additional bosses on the map, which you need to defeat in order to take on the powerful Omega Machina boss. Once you’ve overcome all of these foes, you’ll be rewarded with an Orichalcum+. Be wary; defeating these bosses is no easy feat. Make sure you’ve extensively upgraded your Gummiship’s stats before taking them on.

Achieving the Highest Score in the Flantastic Mini-Games

You might’ve noticed odd-looking desserts protruding from the ground throughout your journey. If you’ve met these unique Heartless–known collectively as the Flantastic Seven–you’ll know that interacting with them allows you to play fun mini-games. There are seven different mini-games in total and are found in the following worlds: Olympus, Kingdom of Coronoa, Toy Box, Monstrolpolis, Arendelle, the Caribbean, and San Fransokyo. If you obtain the high-score for each mini-game, you’re rewarded with an Orichalcum+.

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Members of the Flantastic Seven are typically tucked away in unexpected corners of the world, usually appearing as unsuspecting desserts sprouting from the ground–which makes them pretty hard to miss. Below are details on where to find each.

  • Olympus: Teleport to the Overlook save point and head upstairs until you reach a dead end.
  • Toy Box: Teleport to the Rest Area save point and you’ll find it behind the couches near the vending machines.
  • Kingdom of Corona: This one is outside the hidden entrance of Rapunzel’s castle. Turn left to see it near the foot of a tree.
  • Montropolis: Teleport to the Basement save point and go through the white door ahead of the save point. Then proceed forward until you reach a wall with rows of colored doors. Step through the yellow door at the far left end of the wall. After arriving to the next area, turn around immediately to see the Flan.
  • Arendelle: Teleport to the Mountain Ridge save point and jump down the hill to the left. You’ll see the Flan just off in the distance.
  • The Caribbean: Teleport to Port Royal Fort save point and you’ll see the Flan right in the center of the clearing.
  • San Fransokyo: Teleport to the South District save point at night and turn around. Run up the building ahead and glide towards the nearest rooftop to the right of the San Fransokyo Tower.

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