While Brawl Boxes can be Purchased with Gems, you can also earn them through gameplay in Brawl Stars. This is possible through in game Tokens. Tokens are awarded after any of the games events in 10 or 20 increments depending on if you win. You will also get additional tokens for leveling up when you earn enough account experience. 

(A token doubler is currently active in the screenshot above)

For every 100 Tokens you earn, you will be awarded with a free Brawl Box which may contain:

  • New Brawler
  • Coins
  • Power Points for unlocked Brawlers
  • Gems

There is a cooldown to the amount of tokens you can earn. You have a stock of 100 tokens and will gain 20 every two and a half hours (up too 100, no more).

How to Earn Free Big Boxes[edit]

Earning a Big box is similar to earning a free Brawl Box, but a bit more difficult. To earn a free Big Box, you will need to earn 10 Star Player Tokens.

To Earn a star player token, you must stand out among your teammates as the best player on your team. This is based on your kills, support, damage dealt, and overall contribution you add to your team. Unlike normal tokens, there is no cooldown to the amount of Star Tokens you can earn.

Big Boxes contain the same rewards as Brawl Boxes, just more of them. They also have a bigger chance to give you high rarity brawlers.

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