If Santa left a PlayStation 4 or some PlayStation Plus cards under the tree for you yesterday, you might be eager to find out what games you can download with the subscription starting in January. The monthly service, which is also required to play online multiplayer on the system, lets you download and play a number of free games per month, letting you keep them as long as your paid subscription remains active. 

Whether you have snow this season or not, Ubisoft is about to dump a mountainload on your PS4 with Steep. The game has a number of events designed to make the most of its open world by having you compete in various sports in different ways. Ski down the mountain, don a squirrel suit to fly through rings, snowboard over a sick ramp, and more. The PlayStation Plus version does not include Steep’s expansion content, Road to the Olympics. You can find our review of the game right here.

The other PlayStation 4 game is Portal Knights, which is probably best described as a Minecraft-like with more action-RPG trappings. The game was quite popular on Steam Early Access and eventually made its way to consoles last year.

For non-PS4 offerings, Sony is also putting up Amplitude (PS3), Fallen Legion (Vita), Super Mutant Alien Assault (Vita), and curiously Zone of the Enders HD Collection (PS3). The last one is strange because it seems like they could have also offered the PS4 version of Zone of the Enders 2, which includes a new VR mode.

As a reminder, the clock is ticking on PlayStation 3 and Vita games on the service. Sony announced in March that they would be ceasing non-PlayStation 4 games on the service in March 2019, but they would not be increasing the number of PS4 games a month to compensate.

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