This has been a big year for gaming, with a slew of fantastic games. Heavy weights like Red Dead Redemption II and God of War are only scraping the surface. Insomniac delivered the gift of giving Spider-Man a game worthy of his exploits. Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series came back to much fanfare. Super Bros. Ultimate got us competitive with our friends again. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey took us to Ancient Greece, using its RPG mechanics to its advantage. I’m sure you’re in the camp of someone who either wanted one of these games or gave them to someone else. After all, the holidays are bursting with generosity.

One of favorite parts is how people go out of their way and get creative, or give us that one thing that makes us jump for joy like we’re a kid again. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting something we’ve been pining for but can’t afford, like a video game or a console; other times people go to extremes to hunt down crafty video game memorabilia for fans, such as a special plush, figure, or t-shirt that’s hard to find. Either way, we thought it’d be cool to share a special gift you gave or received and discuss why you’re excited about it.

Share your favorite gifts and why in the comments below!


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