Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is still a bit of an enigma for No More Heroes fans, but it is hard to argue the game doesn’t have that old Suda style and that will probably be enough for a large number of fans. To further reinforce that idea, Suda is actually signing a special edition of the game with goodies in it for fans for release in the UK, but shipping everywhere.

For the UK version, everything is in English. Obviously the French version has everything in French, which could pose a problem if you don’t speak French, but this would be a good time to learn if you’re leaning that direction. 

The collector’s edition box, which comes with the game, a certificate of authenticity signed by director Goichi Suda, four lithographs, and a hardcover “Make Of” book about the game. The most hardcore No More Heroes fans were probably sold at the game part, but the rest of that is also pretty cool.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes releases on January 18 on Nintendo Switch. You can read our latest preview here and catch a New Gameplay Today right here.

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