Every year, Microsoft takes all your data from your Xbox One playing and puts it out there for you to peruse, celebrate, or regret. The 2018 edition of this tool is now available, so you can feel free to check out what games you spent the longest in.

For the record, my gamerscore is somehow in the top 9 percent, my 2018 mood was action-adventure games, my favorite game was Shadow of the Tomb Raider which seems real wrong but I think I left it idling for a while, I “buffed” my gamerscore by 2 whole percent, and the community as a whole played 18,191,417,463 hours, most of which I assume was Red Dead Redemption II’s intro, or maybe it just felt that way.

What about you? What was your year in review like on the Xbox One? Let us know below in the comments and also predict what your next year is going to look like.

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