Overwatch League, by Blizzard’s metrics and most standards, was a pretty smashing success. The League made quite a bit of money and raised awareness of the game more than any marketing budget could have done with the same amount of money. In the follow up, Blizzard has added a number of new regional teams and added one more game per night than the first season had.

In the newly released schedule, Blizzard has revealed exactly when in 2019, as they originally said, the new season will begin. Unfortunately for those who have Valentine’s Day plans, the first games begin on February 14 featuring eight of the teams. This means four matches per night, which is one more than 2018’s season. Considering an extra eight teams were added this year, it makes sense that more games per night would be required.

The teams have a lot to compete for this year. Champions of the league get $1.1 million prize. So every time one of your turrets gets destroyed, that’s basically like losing a car.

You can find the full schedule of the 2019 games here if you want to start making excuses to loved ones and bosses for why dishes and work did not get done.

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