CNET talk to six-time Emmy Award winner Mark Watters about directing a live orchestra soundtrack A New Hope.

How is conducting this film concert different from a normal concert
Watters: The difference is that the orchestra is accompanying the film so the performance has to match John William’s original recording exactly.

Is it tricky trying to balance the volume of the music to the sound from the film?
Watters: Sometimes it is. John is very sensitive to composing music that is supposed to be “under” dialogue, but there are times we have to adjust. Fortunately, there is a top-notch audio engineer who has control over the dialogue and the sound effects.

Most people don’t notice the soundtrack until it comes to very pivotal moments — the music is very much at the back of the mind. How does this change your conducting?
Watters: That gets back to the dynamics and the way the original score was arranged. Larger moments will have everyone playing at a loud level while dialogue sections are scored with far less players and they are directed to play this softly.

Have you been enjoying your time conducting the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in Concert?
Watters: I graduated from college the summer Star Wars premiered. I saw it 17 times that summer! It was the film that inspired me to pursue being a composer.

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