Dragon Ball FighterZ is still fresh on people’s minds despite coming out nearly a year ago at the beginning of 2018 and Bandai Namco seems keen to keep it that way with further updates. A new update out today adds online tournaments to the game with custom rulesets, allowing players to fight together in a winner-moves-on structure. Considering how important tournaments are to the world of Dragon Ball, this only seems appropriate.

Players can create custom rules that get as granular as a tournament of only Yamcha or a tournament where only Kamehameha variations can defeat the opponent. You can also just have a clean match if you want it. You can browse tournaments by their rulesets and fill in empty spots if it’s open to you or join in with friends and see who is actually the best Goku Black out there. You can even schedule them for specific times.

Winners get trophies which are then displayable in a trophy room. The themed areas mimic the game’s lobby and even let you place lobby avatars down as decorations. You can check out the update in action in the video below.

The game will also be getting a December update with holiday-themed costumes, stickers, avatars, and other cosmetics. Both that and the November update are coming to all platforms, which includes PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see how many Nappa tournaments I can find.

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