Bungie has unveiled numerous details about Destiny 2‘s next DLC expansion, The Black Armory, and Season 5 this week, which has brought new Exotic items to Eververse. Along with the details about new activities and a new Raid comes a look at four new Exotic weapons to chase once the DLC releases next week.

Those four Exotics are Anarchy, Le Monarch, Izanagi’s Burden, and Jotun, detailed in Bungie’s Black Armory vidoc (watch it above). Three of the Exotics are modeled after the three different Golden Age families–French, Japanese, and Norse–at the heart of the story of the Black Armory, who each worked to become the greatest weaponsmiths of all time. The last Exotic, Anarchy, takes its design from the Fallen. We also know about a fifth Exotic, which Bungie says will be a returning weapon from Destiny 1.

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Anarchy, the first Exotic, is a Fallen-styled grenade launcher. Its big cool perk is Arc Traps, which turn its grenades into proximity mines that stick to surfaces. It sounds like the gun will live up to its name by creating ridiculous chaos, especially in Crucible Control matches.

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Le Monarch is an Exotic bow in the style of the French family. It takes a page from the Destiny 1 gun Thorn: its perk, Pestilence Arrows, create a cloud that damages enemies around whoever you’re shooting at.

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From the Japanese family comes Izanagi’s Burden, a sniper rifle that also looks kind of like a sword. Its perk is Honed Edge, which allows you to hold down the reload button to slam the entire four-round magazine into one shot. According to Bungie, the resulting blast is so powerful it can take down an enemy in a single body shot–which will make this a powerful option for the Crucible, and a weapon that can stand up to favorites Sleeper Simulant and Whisper of the Worm.

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The last Exotic, Jotun, is shown in Bungie’s vidoc. It’s a fusion rifle players wear on their hands (the developers call it the “arm blaster”), and fires a large flaming slug that explodes on impact. It also tracks enemies, which will make it deadly in the Crucible.

As far as the last Exotic, we don’t know which Destiny 1 gun it’ll be, but Bungie might have dropped a few clues in the vidoc and with its long-term schedule for Destiny 2’s Year 2 content. In the vidoc, when the final Exotic gets mentioned, footage from the strike The Corrupted is shown. It’s the version of the strike that players run through when they’re working on the quest for the Exotic Malfeasance, during which they’re sent by the Drifter to find the grave of a Guardian named Callum Sol.

Speculation is that the Drifter is closely related to Dredgen Yor, a figure from Destiny lore who supposedly created Thorn, an Exotic hand cannon from Destiny 1. Yor famously became corrupted, and was eventually hunted down and defeated in a duel by Shin Malphur with another Exotic hand cannon, Last Word. We know from Bungie’s content roadmap in Season 5 that an Exotic quest is coming on January 29. That quest’s name: The Draw. Given those clues, it seems we could be seeing either Thorn or Last Word popping up in Destiny 2 come January. From a story perspective, that’d make sense, since Season 6 is all about the Drifter.

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait and see what Exotic finally does pop up in The Black Armory, and how player will go about getting the four Bungie has detailed. Destiny 2’s next expansion drops on December 4.

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