The beta for Valve’s new Dota 2-inspired card game Artifact went up yesterday, and before it launched, many players weren’t happy with all that was being offered. In a blog post, Valve addressed some of these complaints and said that more features will be arriving before the game’s official launch.

Responding to three major complaints, Valve said they would add an option for players to draft with friends and a casual draft mode before the beta’s launch. Initially there was no option to draft with friends, nor practice draft modes without spending an event ticket. The third complaint Valve addressed was players’ inability to recycle duplicate cards. In response, Valve said they’d implement a new system where players could recycle cards for event tickets.

Valve implemented the first two changes before the beta’s launch. The new recycling system is set to be implemented over the next week and half, along with further improvements.  

The beta opened up yesterday for all players who redeemed a beta key or attended this year’s Dota 2 International. Artifact launches officially on November 28.

For our first impressions of the game, go here, or check out our constantly-updating news hub for the latest on Valve’s foray in the trading card game. 

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