Alongside the Week 6 Ascendant Challenge, Bungie’s weekly reset in Destiny 2: Forsaken has provided a new bounty from Spider that rewards Powerful gear. This one is a target we’ve seen before, but the mission you’ll complete is in a different location than the previous instance. Here’s what to do to complete Wanted: Silent Fang.

As always with the big bounty offered by Spider, you’ll get provided the info on where you need to go, thanks to an Adventure marker stationed outside of your Lost Sector destination on the designated planet. If you’ve done Silent Fang before, though, you might remember him in a different location. Silent Fang is still found in the EDZ, with the Adventure bearing a recommended Power level of 540. But whereas Silent Fang’s last appearance was in Winding Cove (and before that, The Sludge), you’ll find him this time in Sunken Isles, in the Skydock IV Lost Sector.

First, of course, you need to buy the bounty from Spider for five Ghost Fragments, which you can find from completing Tangled Shore bounties, patrols and Public Events. Once you have the bounty, go to the EDZ’s Sunken Isles landing zone and zip underneath the big Cabal starship dock to activate the Adventure. This will then have you make your way through the Lost Sector, and eventually you’ll reach Silent Fang, who is a giant Fallen Captain.

The one wrinkle for killing Silent Fang is that he spends most of the fight shielded, thanks to several weird Fallen machines scattered around the area. To take them out, look for glowing Exploding Shanks. Killing them will drop exploding orbs you can pick up and throw at the glowing machines to destroy them. Each time you wreck a machine, Silent Fang’s shield will drop, allowing you to do some damage. You’ll want powerful direct damage Supers and weapons that can do big damage in the limited window you have to hurt Silent Fang. Sleeper Simulant is always a hit, and the new Exotic Thunderlord can also be helpful.

You’ll also want to stay as mobile as possible through the fight, as lots of Fallen enemies will appear to attack you in the tight room where you find Silent Fang, including a big Servitor who can be pretty annoying. The Lost Sector chest at the end is unlikely to provide any good rewards, but completing the Spider bounty provides you with a piece of Powerful gear.

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