Those with slow connections can start preparing for demon hunting a lot earlier than normal, as Capcom appears to have put Devil May Cry 5 up for pre-loading already. The game releases next March, giving you a solid five months to download it.

With such a long lead time this appears to be some form of mistake. Still, we successfully downloaded whatever it happens to be on Xbox One, along with the associated DLC, and received a warning that it’s not ready to play yet. Coming in at 29.75 GB total, you could download about 250 MB per day to be done by release day. GameSpot has contacted Capcom regarding the pre-loading.

Most recently, Capcom and Microsoft revealed the Void Mode training grounds at the Xbox X018 event. Void Mode gives you a chance to try out your move sets with different levels of enemy interaction and movement. You can even practice your Devil Breakers, including some inspired by other Capcom games like Mega Man. This is all said to be handy for preparing yourself for a character action game designed to challenge long-time fans.

We have some concerns about DMC 5, including the nature of its real-money transactions. If you have almost $9000 to spend you can grab its most expensive bundle that includes Nero’s jacket. Of course there are more reasonable options you can read about in our pre-order guide.

Devil May Cry 5 releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 8, 2019.

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