Rainbow Six Siege’s new season, Wind Bastion, is scheduled to be revealed soon, but the update’s new Operators appear to have leaked ahead of schedule. Videos uploaded to the game’s subreddit depict characters named Nomad and Kaid, teasing a full reveal for the Pro League Finals on November 18.

Kaid, a Defender, seemingly carries an electrified device to prevent attackers breaching hatches. The Attacker Nomad, meanwhile, appears to have some form of wind push ability. Both Operators come from Morocco’s GIGR (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Royale).

Wind Bastion also contains a new map for all players named Fortress, a military facility in the Atlas Mountains. According to Ubisoft, the “map will be comprised of two distinguishable sections offering a variety of open space, points of cover, and lines of sight for both close and long range engagements.” Fortress is also “the first ever map to be heavily associated with an Operator.” Ubisoft has not announced whether that Operator is one of the two new ones, or a member of Siege‘s existing roster.

One of the major changes coming to Siege at the start of Season 4 will be censorship of certain in-game environments and icons. Ubisoft is removing references to specific mature content, like gambling and sex, in Siege ahead of its release in Asian territories that have heavier content restrictions.

Siege’s last major patch, Update Y3S3.2, addressed many of the bugs that previously existed in the game. The update also added balancing changes to both Clash and Maestro, two Operators that Ubisoft felt were underused. Two firearms, the SMG-11 and Vector, were also patched to reduce recoil and improve the weapons’ handling.

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