It’s Election Day! Game Informer‘s Matt Miller wrote here about how and why gamers didn’t make it to the polls in recent elections, but a popular meme sweeping through twitter might be a good indication that young voters are getting out this year. The “Voting in 2016 vs. Voting in 2018” meme is blowing up and giving voters a hilarious platform to express their thoughts on this election, and gaming culture is getting in on the action. Here are the best we have found:

I call this one “Toon to Terror.”

You’ve got a little something on your face there. 

Stay positive!

Becoming a Jedi Master in two years is quite a feat. 

This nightmare fuel Pikachu reminds me of something

And we thought it was the crown that did it. 

Tommy DeMarco made a ton of these, it was hard to narrow it down! 

Captain America doing his civic duty. 

Burn, baby! Burn!

“For so long, all I could do was destroy. But now, I have a chance to save something…”

Cloud had a graphic experience. 

Screaming intensifies.

Kirby finally rests and watches the sun rise on a grateful universe. 


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