Digital Extremes has been teasing its newest Warframe expansion, Fortuna, for quite a while now. After going open world with Plains of Eidolon last year, Fortuna continues with the new structure and a host of other new features, and the developer is finally narrowing that down. Warframe fans can finally get their hands on the latest expansion this week on PC.

Check out the release trailer for the expansion released today.

Fortuna adds ridiculously speedy hoverboard technology called the K-Drive, a new faction called the Vent Kids, revamped mechanics like fishing, and way more. All of this comes to Warframe completely free, though it is only coming to PC for right now. Fortuna will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in the future.

Warframe is also coming to the Nintendo Switch, which is also coming out relatively soon. You’ll be taking Warframe on the go on November 20, but you can skirt around the open worlds of Fortuna later this week.

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