Blizzard is in the business of selling video games and selling merchandise related to those video games and BlizzCon every year is a big opportunity to introduce new announcements in both. This year, Blizzard has a running list of various new collaborations, including a number of new Overwatch ones.

The Mercy figure comes from Hasbro and is the first figure in the “Ultimates” line coming next Spring. This means that you’ll have some Overwatch heroes to put on your shelf if the Nendoroids or LEGO Playsets are not quite doing it for you.

Lifestyle and fashion brand Her Universe will also be collaborating with Blizzard on Overwatch and Warcraft merchandise, which includes Hot Topic. And if you didn’t realize that Hot Topic and Reaper were made for each other before now, Blizzard is out to convince you.

Finally, following the recent collaboration between Japanese clothing store Uniqlo and Blizzard, the two are coming together again for a new series of designs. The past year’s shirt designs mostly focused on Overwatch with some Diablo and Warcraft sprinkled in, but Uniqlo says that this year will span all Blizzard’s properties. While none of the designs have been shown yet, Uniqlo plans to launch the new line in Spring.

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