Riding on horseback is the primary of getting around in Red Dead Redemption 2‘s massive world. Before long, you’ll find yourself rearing up a multitude of horses in search of the one that’ll get you around the quickest. With not much in the way of fast travel, having a horse that’s not only fast but can withstand the burdens of exploration is essential.

While the question of which horse is the absolute best comes down to preference, there are a few breeds that can be classified as some of the top candidates. Below we discuss these breeds and highlight their locations. If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide on horse care and how to boost your trusty steed’s performance while making bank along the way, we’ve got one in the hopper coming soon, so be sure to check back often to get all the information on how to be a proper horse trainer.

Be mindful that there are some light location spoilers below given how most of these horses can only be acquired later in the game. You should be good for the White-Maned Arabian breed, but be careful when looking at the details below if you want to steer clear of potential story bits.

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What Are The Best Breeds?

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As stated, there is no singular “best horse” in the game. There are only strong breeds that fair much better than the standard breeds you encounter early on. Speaking on the different types: the Arabian, Turkoman, and Missouri Fox Trotter breeds stand out as the most well-rounded and top-tier. Keep in mind that the stats below reflect the horse when you find it and not at its top condition.


Arabian breed horses have some of the best stats overall. There are three coat types in total, each with their own unique statistics: White, Black, and Rose Grey Bay.

White-Maned Arabian

The White-Maned Arabian can only be found in the wild, which makes it possible to find relatively early on. This snow-white beauty wanders around the edges of Lake Isabella. It’s quite difficult to tame, so you’re going to need to be persistent in following it around and calming it down enough before you can approach it.

Compared to other Arabian horses, it has the lowest base Health and Stamina stats–though, it’s still much higher than any of the more standard horse breeds. A worthy compromise for a fantastic horse you can catch and tame so early in the game. Just watch out for the wolves who hang out nearby.

Speed Acceleration Handling Type
6 6 Elite Superior

Black Arabian

The Black-Maned Arabian horse can be purchased at the Saint Denis Stable during Chapter 4. It has most the well-rounded stats of the Arabian Horses with decent Health and Stamina.

Speed Acceleration Handling Type
6 6 Elite Superior

Rose Grey Bay-Maned Arabian

The Rose Grey Bay-Maned Arabian can only be bought at the Blackwater Stable during the Epilogue section of the game. It has the highest Health and Stamina of the three Arabian horses.

Speed Acceleration Handling Type
6 6 Elite Superior


Turkoman breed horses make up their lacking acceleration with solid speed, average handling, and a high Health pool. As a cross between War and Racing breeds, they’re well worth owning for riders who want a trusty steed who can withstand damage without sacrificing speed. All three Turkoman breeds have the same exact stats, which are reflected below along with a brief breakdown of where you can purchase them and when.

Speed Acceleration Handling Type
6 5 Standard Race / War
  • Gold Turkoman: Sold at the Saint Denis Stable during Chapter 4.
  • Dark Bay Turkoman: Sold at the Blackwater Stable during the Epilogue.
  • Silver Turkoman: Sold at the Tumbleweed Stable during the Epilogue.

Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter balances the best base speed of all the horse breeds with solid Health and high Stamina. As a mix between the Race and Work breeds, the Missouri Fox Trotter comes highly recommended for those who want all of the perks and benefits of a fast riding horse with resilient Stamina. Like the Turkoman breed, all of the Missouri Fox Trotter coats have the same exact stats, which are reflected below along with a brief breakdown of where you can purchase them and when.

Speed Acceleration Handling Type
7 5 Standard Race / Work
  • Amber Champagne: Sold at Scarlett Meadows Stable during Chapter 4.
  • Silver Dapple Pinto: Sold at Blackwater Stable during the Epilogue.

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