Red Dead Redemption II is finally here, and it doesn’t disappoint. With many critics saying it has some of the best open-world design of this generation, this Rockstar title manages to breathe life into a very believable world. However, is the realism too much?

Rockstar meticulously labored over its attention to detail, with over 500,000 lines of unique dialogue, dynamic and beautiful weather systems, and an impressive amount of realism. Walking in deep snow is cumbersome, taking a bad turn at a rocky hill can kill you more easily than you’d expect, and your horse gets hurt when it bumps into trees and stumps. 

This realism is a double-edged sword for me: knowing my horse can die, I take extra care when riding fast through a forest or in a gunfight. This increases my immersion and fondness for my horse Taco, but accidents can be frustrating. 

On the other hand, I love the fact that Arthur’s weight can change depending on how you feed him or that if he hasn’t bathed for weeks, people might act differently toward him. These details are small but make a significant, positive effect by immersing me to the experience.

If you’ve already picked up Red Dead Redemption II, what are your thoughts on its realism? Let us know in the comments below.


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