Pokémon Go may currently be undergoing a spooky, but it’s already looking ahead to November, when you can expect a number of bugs to start flooding in.

Throughout the month of November, players will encounter to special bug-types: Shedinja (the Bug and Ghost-type Pokémon that is literally the deceased, shed exoskeleton of a Nincada when it evolves in Ninjask) and shiny Caterpies. Shedinja will replace Suicune as the Pokémon encountered when completing research breakthroughs, and shiny Caterpies may appear as the reward for completing research tasks that lead up to those breakthroughs.

The event starts on November 1 at 3pm Central. For more on Pokémon Go, check out or comprehensive guide.

[Source: Pokémon Go on Twitter]


I love Shedinja so much. I for one am going to catch ’em.


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