The Pokémon Company has released a short video showing off Meltan and the Pokémon’s evolution, meaning that we’ve now seen two entries for what appears to be the 8th generation of Pokémon. The video, which you can watch below, has Professor Oak’s character model from Pokémon Let’s Go and Professor Willow from Pokémon Go talking to each other over a video call about Meltan. The two have massively different art styles so the whole thing is real weird.

Meltan becomes Melmetal by converging with other Meltan and becoming an absolute unit. This is kind of similar lore-wise to Pokémon like Dugtrio and Magneton, but also tends to match thematically with how Pokémon Go treats leveling up and evolution as a consequence of catching Pokémon of the same breed repeatedly. In this case, it is 400 Meltan candies to evolve into a Melmetal, or just transferring him to Pokémon Let’s Go and doing it the traditional way.

Melmetal looks like it would not be out of place in Pokken, either, and would almost certainly be a command grab character. In Pokémon Go, its unique move is called Double Iron Bash, which spins its arms around on an axel. Like other Pokémon, if you have Melmetal in Pokémon Let’s Go, it can follow you around like some sort of Golem body guard.

Pokémon Let’s Go releases on November 16 on Nintendo Switch in Eevee and Pikachu variations.

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