EA and DICE have outlined its post-release roadmap for Battlefield V, giving players who are looking forward to the shooter’s take on battle royale a better sense of when it’s coming. What are you doing in March 2019?

In addition to providing an estimated release for Firestorm, EA runs down the timeline for Battlefield V’s Tides of War, which is their name for the games live-service component (click the image to enlarge). The first chapter will come out a few weeks after the game’s November 20 launch, bringing new maps, a practice range, and a new single-player mission. The second chapter arrives between January and March, adding the 32-player Squad Conquest mode, the co-op Combine Arms mode, and additional challenges. Firestorm is part of chapter three, which starts in March. In addition to the battle royale mode, it adds a Greece map, which has a focus on aerial combat.

[Source: EA]

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