Pokemon Go‘s next Community Day is almost here. Niantic’s monthly event returns this Sunday, October 21, giving players around the world another opportunity to capture rare Pokemon, take advantage of in-game bonuses, and even add a special move to their repertoire.

While every Community Day lasts three hours, the particulars of each event vary by month. To help you get prepared, we’ve rounded up all the information you need to know about October’s Community Day below, from its start time in each region to the bonuses that are available and featured Pokemon you’ll be able to catch.

What Is The Featured Pokemon?

During each Community Day, one particular species of Pokemon will appear in the wild much more frequently than usual, giving you a chance to further fill out your Pokedex. While the newly added Gen 4 Pokemon may be on all players’ minds right now, the featured Pokemon this month is Beldum, a Steel/Psychic-type first introduced in the series’ Gen 3 games, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Beldum is a highly sought after Pokemon, so you won’t want to miss your chance to catch as many as you can; not only is it fairly rare, it’s capable of evolving into Metagross, an especially powerful monster that would make a great addition to anyone’s team. You’ll also have a chance of finding a Shiny Beldum during the event.

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There’s an added benefit to capturing as many featured Pokemon as you can. Typically, if you manage to evolve the monster into its final form before the event ends, it will learn a move it normally isn’t able to. Such is the case with this month’s Community Day; if you evolve Beldum into Metang and then Metagross during the event hours, it’ll learn the powerful attack Meteor Mash.

Any Metang that evolves during the event will learn the move, even if you’ve obtained it before the Community Day began. However, it will only be able to learn the move if it evolves during the event, which means you’ll have a fairly brief window of opportunity to get the attack. Fortunately, this time Niantic is giving players one extra hour after the Community Day ends to evolve Metang and learn Meteor Mash, so you’ll have a little more time than usual to get it.

What Time Does It Start?

Unlike most of Pokemon Go’s other real-world events, which are typically hosted at a particular location, each month’s Community Day takes place during a specific window of time, meaning you can participate from anywhere. The event is also available around the world, although its hours will vary depending on your region.

Regardless of where you live, the Community Day runs for three hours, during which time you’ll find increased spawns of the featured Pokemon and be able to take advantage of the featured bonuses. These hours are typically consistent each month, so if you’ve participated in previous events, you’ll already know when it’ll be available. If you’re new to the game or simply need a refresher on its schedule, you can see the event hours for each region below.

North America

  • 11 AM – 2 PM PT
  • 2 PM – 5 PM ET

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • 11 AM – 2 PM BST
  • 10 AM – 1 PM UTC


What Other Bonuses Are There?

On top of increased spawns of a particular Pokemon, Niantic always offers players a helpful bonus to take advantage of during the Community Day. This time, Pokemon Eggs will hatch at a quarter of the distance they typically require, meaning you’ll be able to hatch Pokemon four times as fast while the event is running. There’s also one recurring bonus in each Community Day: any Lure modules that are used during the event will remain active for three hours, rather than their typical 30-minute duration.


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