In a new spotlight piece over on, we learn more about Christopher Sean, the actor behind the voice of Star Wars Resistance series lead Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono. Lucasfilm’s new animated series is set to debut on the Disney Channel this Sunday October 7 at 10:00pm ET with a special hour-long premiere titled “The Recruit” (IGN have us a preview of the premiere a few days ago). Check out the intro to Sean’s profile piece copied below and then be sure to take the supplied source link for the rest.

Sean learned early that voice acting was a bit like performing in the theatre — bigger, louder, and sometimes more intense than on screen. “I am accustomed to subtly,” he says. In live-action roles, “the idea [has been] not to blink, [to] stay still and as strong as possible when you say your lines. And then you come into voice acting and it’s like ‘No, no, no! Close your eyes and just go crazy.’… Live in the moment and be there, that’s the best way to convey it, just really go for it and let your imagination run wild.”

Some of his expressions in the recording booth have been captured in Kaz’s movements and expressive faces. ”You have to play to the back of the audience, as they say, raising your voice, using your hands and gestures, utilizing your body, because they do record you,” he says. When he watched a finished cut of the show, he could see the resemblance. “Those are the faces I was making recording it! That’s so cool.”

Sean recently sat down with to talk about finding Kaz’s voice, the excitement of seeing fans and “Kazplayers” already embracing the new character, and the importance of seeing such a diverse corner of the galaxy on screen.

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