Vulture recently got the chance to visit Rockstar Games’ Manhattan office and talk with the development team as Red Dead Redemption II nears release. The publication came away with a number of noteworthy new details.

Here are some of the biggest ones:

  • When Vulture visited Rockstar, the game was “65 hours long.” The publication notes that Rockstar has chopped off five hours, some missions, and a second love interest for protagonist Arthur Morgan because they “didn’t work.” That doesn’t mean that the final product is necessarily 60-plus hours but it does give you a proper estimate. 
  • The developer asserts that each of the non-playable characters has 80 script pages of dialogue.
  •  Graham Greene, an actor best known for his role as Kicking Bird in Dances With Wolves, is playing a character in Red Dead Redemption II.
  • Ivan Pavolich, Rockstar’s music supervisor, broke down the philosophy of the game’s sound design, with Pavolich claiming that “players can hear entire concerts at town vaudeville shows, as well as more atmospheric music when they explore the open world and encounter some 200 animal species, each of which makes its own sound.”
  • Rockstar says its representation of women will be different compared to previous titles (more on that here).

For more nuggets of information, you can read the Vulture piece here. If you want to know what we think of Red Dead Redemption II’s gameplay so far, here’s our hands-on preview.


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