A new in-game event is now underway in Pokemon Go. With the Legendary Psychic-type Mewtwo now available in standard Raid Battles, the developer is giving players the chance to capture even more Psychic Pokemon with the Psychic Spectacular event, which kicked off on October 5 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET and runs until the same time on October 14. [Update: The Psychic Spectacular event is scheduled to end today at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, making this your last chance to catch Psychic Pokemon more easily.]

During the Psychic Spectacular event, Psychic-type Pokemon such as Abra, Ralts, Baltoy, Slowpoke, and others will appear in the wild much more frequently than they normally do. Additionally, Niantic is rolling out more Field Research tasks revolving around Psychic Pokemon; completing these will help bring you closer to achieving a Research Breakthrough and crossing paths with Suicune.

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On top of that, players will have a chance of finding Shiny Drowzee during the event. This marks the first time that Shiny versions of Drowzee have been available in Pokemon Go, so you won’t want to miss your chance to capture one. In contrast to standard Drowzee and Hypno, which have yellow fur, their Shiny variants are pink.

As previously mentioned, Mewtwo is now appearing in standard Raid Battles after previously being restricted to the invite-only EX Raids. The Legendary Psychic-type will be available as a Raid Boss until October 23. Meanwhile, the Mythical Pokemon Deoxys has now begun appearing in EX Raids, although you’ll need to receive an invitation in order to participate in one of those battles.

Pokemon Go players will be able to get their hands on another rare Psychic Pokemon a little later this month. October’s Community Day is set to take place on Sunday, October 21, and it will feature the Steel/Psychic Pokemon Beldum. Niantic has yet to reveal what special attack it will be able to learn during the event, but dataminers have previously discovered the move Meteor Mash–Metagross’s signature attack–within the game’s code.

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