Since its launch early last year, For Honor has steadily increased its playerbase with frequent content, technical, and balance updates. With its major Marching Fire expansion hitting next week, the team behind the game has decided to celebrate a huge milestone, while also teasing the next year of For Honor content.

Earlier this week, the game celebrated hitting the 15 million-player milestone, continuing Ubisoft’s streak of multiplayer games growing over the course of their lifespan (Rainbow Six Siege hit the 35 million-player mark earlier this year).

This bodes well for the game going into Marching Fire, the upcoming release of which prompted Ubisoft to host a livestream. Towards the end of the that stream, however, it offered players a tease at was coming to For Honor after Marching Fire: The Year of the Harbinger. The image (above) shows a war hammer planted on firm ground. While thoughts of Mjolnir come to mind, the ornamentation doesn’t quite match Nordic designs (especially with the lizard/dragon on the hilt). It could be teasing a new faction, hero, or more.

Brand director Luc Duchaine and community developer Eric Pope didn’t offer too many details, but briefly discussed their plans Year of the Harbinger. It’s unclear whether this the title of the next Marching Fire-sized expansion, or a plan to drop several updates throughout 2019, but Duchaine was quick to point to their ongoing support for For Honor, and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to keeping the game going. “We’ve always been serious [about updating the game] since we launched it, even when people were betting against us, the team did an amazing job putting this game back on track, and we are not done.”

[Source: Ubisoft]

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