Fans have discovered a Borderlands 3

glitch that can be exploited to farm large amounts of legendary gear in less than five minutes.The Borderlands 3 Reddit page has seen a number of posts discussing the glitch, with fans sharing tips on how to receive powerful end-game legendary weapons. Most of the instructions advise players to take advantage of the exploits at Mayhem 3, the new high risk / high reward mode that raises the game’s difficulty.

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“End game farming you can easily get 200 or so legendaries in an hour or hour and a half at most,” wrote Reddit user u/ChuunibyouImouto in one post. “By this point, me and my friends have reach the stage of recognizing most legendaries by name and immediately knowing which are auto vendor garbage and which are not.”

While the glitch can provide riches, farming in a loot-based game like Borderlands 3 essentially breaks the whole experience. Once you’re fully equipped with the most powerful weapons in the game, there’s not much else to do except wait for when the Raid Boss arrives in a few months. For this reason, it’s almost inevitable that developer Gearbox will be patching these glitches. As such, it’s unclear how long they’ll last.

If you’re new to Borderlands 3, check out our beginners guide to the game below.

Other loot hoarders like Destiny have had their fair share of gear exploits. Destiny famously had a loot cave that spawned endless loot, which Guardians could farm for gear to use as an easy way to climb light levels. Bungie eventually fixed the glitch, but added an easter egg to the area by filling it with charred bodies and a message from the Cryptarch – effectively assimilating the loot cave into Destiny’s canonical narrative.

Borderlands 3 has had a few teething problems since launch. Developers have now deployed a hotfix after players lost their progress in cloud saves, while co-op players reported issues with split screen.

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