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This page takes you through how to find the Dishonored Rune Easter Egg in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

This Easter Egg is a nod to the Dishonoured series by developer Arkane who helped Machine Games work on Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

To find this easter egg you’re going to need to head to Victory Boulevard and already have unlocked the Dieselkraftwerk gun in Brother 2.

There’s a corridor that links the first place where you enter Victory Boulevard and the street over with the empty bus in the lane.

Take it, and head up the stairs and into the building.

Up the first set of stairs, you’ll find a door to use the Dieselkraftwerk gun but this isn’t the one we are looking for this time. Instead, keep heading up the stairs until you can’t get any higher this way.

Continue down this corridor until you come to a room with books strewn everywhere and a piano.

Turn left and you’ll see a door openable with the Dieselkraftwerk. Use it to get inside.

In here you can find one of the red Gestapo crates – the passcode is 2161 if you haven’t already located that floppy disk.

You’ll also find an altar with the Dishonored rune there for the taking. Grabbing it will unlock the ‘Tribute’ achievement.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to do anything else, nor does it track as a collectible in the game but it’s still a cool find.

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