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As you progress through the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll encounter items that you can find exploring the Monastery, given as rewards, or bought in certain shops. These Gift items are to be used as presents given to other characters.

Doing this can increase the rate at which your bonds increase with characters you give gifts to, which can be essential for getting new Support Ranks. This will also increase a character’s motivation – if they are a part of your team.

Most gifts that are given will increase a character’s bond by a little, and their motivation by 25. A gift that a character really likes will increase their bond by a lot more, and their motivation by 50. If a character doesn’t like the gift, they’ll stick take it, but will not increase their bond or motivation at all.

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Getting at least a C Support Rank with character outside your house can lower the threshold needed to recruit them into your team, so giving gifts is highly recommended. It’s also important to note that the effectiveness of a gift – or whether they’ll like it all – is dependant on that unit’s likes and dislikes (which can be seen in the Unit Info in the roster), or by paying attention to their conversations. Certain Gifts have a higher rating, which will increase the amount of bond that is increased (if the character approves of the gift).

  • Be sure to also see our list of Lost Items and who to return them to so you can gain even more bonding and motivation!

Note that certain Gifts can be bought from Merchant vendors after completing an early side quest to allow merchants passage through Magdred Way to reach the Monastery to sell their goods, and they will sell a select variety of gifts that replenish each month.

The list below includes all known Gifts, as well as if they can be bought, and who most appreciates them.

Gift Name Grade Liked By Disliked By Shop Cost
Floral Adornment 1 Dedue, Alois, Marianne Sylvain, Dorothea, Caspar 100G
Fishing Float 1 Leonie, Seteth, Alois, Gilbert, Linhardt Caspar 100G
Tasty Baked Treat 1 Ashe, Mercedes, Flayn, Raphael, Lysithea, Linhardt Felix, Gilbert 100G
Gemstone Beads 1 Mercedes, Dorothea, Manuela Dimitri, Ingrid, Catherine, Hubert 100G
Smoked Meat 1 Felix, Ingrid, Petra, Cyril, Caspar, Raphael Manuela, Marianne 100G
Hunting Dagger 2 Shamir, Felix, Petra, Leonie, Cyril, Caspar Annette, Bernadetta, Linhardt, Marianne 300G
Watering Can 2 Dedue, Cyril, Bernadetta Sylvain 300G
Whetstone 2 Dimitri, Catherine, Caspar, Ferdinand Mercedes, Flayn 300G
Stylish Hair Clip 2 Annette, Dorothea, Flayn Ingrid, Leonie, Caspar 300G
Dapper Handkerchief 2 Sylvain, Flayn, Seteth, Hanneman, Bernadetta, Marianne Gilbert 300G
Armored Bear Stuffy 3 Mercedes, Flayn, Bernadetta, Lysithea, Marianne, Edelgard Dimitri, Felix, Catherine 500G
Training Weight 3 Dimitri, Felix, Leonie, Catherine, Caspar, Raphael Bernadetta, Ignatz, Lysithea, Linhardt 500G
Riding Boots 3 Dimitri, Ingrid, Ferdinand Mercedes, Manuela 500G
Tea Leaves 3 Hanneman, Ferdinand 500G
Legends of Chivalry 3 Ingrid, Ashe, Catherine Felix, Seteth, Cyril, Lysithea, Hubert 500G
Goddess Statuette 3 Mercedes, Manuela, Gilbert, Rhea, Ignatz Dorothea, Edelgard 500G
Book of Sheet Music 3 Annette, Dorothea, Manuela Dimitri, Dedue 500G (Dark Merchant)
Arithmetic Textbook 3 Annette, Hanneman Ashe, Petra, Catherine 500G (Dark Merchant)
The History of Fodlan 3 Seteth Dedue, Cyril 500G (Dark Merchant)
Monarch Studies Book 3 Ashe, Alois, Cyril 500G (Dark Merchant)
Ancient Coin 3 Ashe, Alois, Rhea, Ignatz Mercedes 500G (Dark Merchant)
Owl Feather 3 All None N/A (Explore Monastery)
Pitcher Plant 3 Bernadetta N/A (Gardening)
Sunflower 3 Shamir, Petra, Alois N/A (Gardening)
Violet 3 Ashe N/A (Gardening)
Lavender 3 Mercedes N/A (Gardening)
Daffodil 3 N/A (Gardening)
Rose 3 N/A (Gardening)
Forget-me-nots 3 Flayn, Ignatz N/A (Gardening)
Lily 3 Lysithea N/A (Gardening)
Lily of the Valley 3 N/A (Gardening)
Anemone 3 N/A (Gardening)
Baby’s Breath 3 Cyril N/A (Gardening)
Exotic Spices 4 Dedue, Ashe, Petra Hanneman, Alois, Rhea 1,000G
Board Game 4 Sylvain, Edelgard, Hubert Ashe, Manuela 1,000G
Ceremonial Sword 4 Dimitri, Felix, Gilbert, Ignatz Annette, Bernadetta, Edelgard 1,000G
Coffee Beans 4 Hubert Annette, Ferdinand, Lysithea 1,000G
Book of Crest Designs 4 Hanneman, Linhardt Sylvain, Petra, Leonie, Seteth 1,000G (Dark Merchant)
Blue Cheese 4 Manuela, Catherine Shamir, Flayn, Hanneman 1,000G (Dark Merchant)
Landscape Painting 4 Sylvain, Ignatz 1,000G (Dark Merchant)

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