Teasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s

full multiplayer reveal next week, today Activision shared details on its Gunsmith weapon customization system.

An official blog post described the multiplayer gunsmithing system as “robust weapon customization” that will allow you to modify both your primary and secondary loadout weapons. It will allow you to equip things like sights, stocks, and muzzles to your guns that will alter the stats however suits you.

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Each weapon will be able to equip five custom parts at once, but will have more than five slots to choose from, requiring you to pick which pieces are important to you. For example, assault rifles will have slots for a muzzle, laser, optic, stock, rear grip, magazine, underbarrel, barrel, and a perk, but you’ll only be able to fill five of them.

A full reveal of the Gunsmith system alongside gameplay of Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode will be coming August 1. Until then, you can watch its 2v2 Gunfight mode here, and read our hands-on impressions of it here.

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