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The Nintendo Switch Lite can run just about every game the Nintendo Switch can, but with caveats. Here is every game we know of without a handheld mode.

Keep in mind these games will still be playable in Tabletop mode – but this will require an external stand and separate Joy-Con. See How to Play the Nintendo Switch Lite in Tabletop Mode for more information.

  • Super Mario Party
  • 1-2 Switch
  • Just Dance (all)
  • Fitness Boxing
  • Labo VR

Super Mario Party’s mini-games require detached Joy-Con to take advantage of motion-controls and HD rumble. 1-2 Switch shares the same problem.

Just Dance and Fitness Boxing are both games that track hand movements though the Joy-Con’s motion controls. You can’t do that with the Switch in handheld mode, as many of the movements require individual motions from each arm.

Labo VR is primarily a cardboard apparatus that holds the original Nintendo Switch in place as a screen, with the detached Joy-Con used to play. Not only are the designs not built to hold the differently-shaped Nintendo Switch Lite, but its smaller screen and undetachable Joy-Cons cannot be detached.

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As described, most games that rely on physical motions to play the game will not work with the Nintendo Switch Lite as is without using it in Tabletop mode with separate Joy-Con.

Because there is no built-in rumble, games that rely on an HD rumble feature will potentially not work fully as intended on the Nintendo Switch Lite. This includes games like Super Mario Odyssey, which uses rumble to signal where a hidden Moon is.

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