How do you do, fellow kids? Since the earliest days of the internet, E3 has been a time when gamers around the world flock to their favorite message boards, chat rooms, comment sections and social networks to fire off their hottest takes on all the massive video game announcements.

While some of the biggest new video games will become old and forgotten over time, some of the memes to come out E3 have proven to have a lasting legacy.

Giant Enemy Crab

At Sony’s 2006 E3 conference, they showed off Genji: Days of the Blade, a game that promised historically accurate battles that actually took place in ancient Japan, yet also had players fighting… a giant enemy crab? This anachronistic arthropod went on to inspire numerous memes, and even landed itself a cameo in Scribblenauts.

A Weapon To Surpass Metal Gear

At E3 2015, Hideo Kojima revealed a large chunk of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which was packed with tons of meme-worthy weirdness, but nothing quite like the cryptic tease of “a weapon to surpass Metal Gear” over a shot of the D-Walker… Which didn’t really look like that weapon. The expression caused much speculation, which rapidly devolved into silliness, with the phrase becoming the perfect caption absurdly overpowered inventions like a dog on stilts, a chainsaw Roomba, or… this thing.

Fake Smash Bros. Announcements

If there’s one thing Super Smash Bros fans love to do besides playing Smash, it’s speculate what new characters will join the roster next, and there’s no shortage of fake announcement screens out there. No matter how absurd the next DLC Smash challenger is, chances are, someone’s predicted it.

My Body Is Ready

Nintendo’s offbeat and playful presence at E3 is perfectly suited for the internet’s weird sense of humor, whether they’re turning themselves into muppets, duking it out, or taking a moment to contemplate a bunch of bananas, Nintendo’s head brass aren’t above getting a little silly.

However, one of the most enduring E3 memes comes from a single off-the-cuff line uttered by Reggie Fils-Aime on stage at Nintendo’s 2007 presentation while demonstrating the Wii balance board: “MY BODY IS READY.” The Wii balance board might’ve come and gone, but those four fateful words have become the unofficial mantra for E3 hype.

Mr. Caffeine

Sadly, not all memes are quite so good-natured. In 2011, Ubisoft hired an extremely energetic E3 presenter named “Mr. Caffeine” to host their entire press conference. Energy is fine, but Mr. Caffeine rubbed everybody the wrong way, from his time travel sound effects to his sexual innuendos to his bizarre pronunciation of Tom Clancy’s name, Mr. Caffeine’s role at E3 is one thing we’re happy Ubisoft didn’t annualize.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Aisha Tyler, who’s managed to carry herself with grace and aplomb even in the most cringe-inducing situations:

The Reaction Guys

One of the most long-lasting and iconic memes got its very start right here on IGN’s forums during E3. “Gaijin 4Koma” also known as the “reaction guys,” consists of two images of IGN editors reacting to E3 announcements. The first photo was taken in 2003, following the lackluster announcement of Pacman Vs., and the second a year later after the more exciting reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

In fact, one of the reaction guys is still here, our chief content officer Peer Schneider! How’d you feel about this article, Peer?


Oh. Okay… well, how do you feel about E3 this year?


Undoubtedly, the internet will crack plenty of jokes during this year’s E3, but we’ll have to wait and see if any of those live on to become iconic memes.

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Max Scoville is a host, producer, and regular gamer teenager who is “hip” and “in touch” with what’s popular on-line among the computer savvy members of 18-24 demographic. 

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