It only took six seasons.

Today’s Fortnite in-game event took players inside an interdimensional vault and saw the eruption of the giant volcano, resulting in the destruction of the long standing Tilted Towers.

A countdown appeared over the recently discovered vault at Loot Lake yesterday afternoon. After 24 hours, players gathered around the giant hatch and watched as it twisted opened, revealing a glowing purple light. Gliding into the vault transported players into a strange void where six tall pillars depicting previously removed weapons stood tall.


Players enthusiastically begging to bring the Drum Gun back moments before complaining it’s overpowered.

Players all around the world began whacking at the pillar of their choice as it became clear the first pillar to fall would release the associated weapon back into the game. The pillar with the Drum Gun was ultimately destroyed, leaving behind the Grappler, Bounce Pad, Infinity Blade, Tactical SMG, and the X-4 Stormwing plane.

With the weapon picked, players were thrust back into the sky of the normal map. While everyone was off having fun in some alternate universe, the volcano began erupting and players were met with fireballs blasting from within the volcano and onto cherished locations on the map. The first to get hit was Retail Row followed by the near complete destruction of Titled Towers. Ironically, the center building that’s been subject to constant destruction was the only building to survive.


The erupting volcano along with the fireball destined to destroy Tilted Towers.

Earlier this season, excavation sites appeared across the map, including one at the center of Loot Lake. It wasn’t long before the digging unearthed a large and mysterious vault, the same location where Kevin, the giant purple cube, melted back in Season 6. Runes on pedestals spawned around the map and interacting with them in specific ways caused them to move towards the vault.

Season 8 of Fortnite is coming to an end and you can check out our complete guide for all the weekly challenges here. The Avengers Endgame limited time mode and its associated challenges are coming to an end tomorrow.

Michael Koczwara is IGN’s Weekend Web Producer who will always love Epic’s truly impressive events. Follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

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