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Camps in Days Gone are places where you can earn money (in the form of credits) and spend these credits on guns, bike upgrades, and better gear. There are several different camps across the game and each offer something different.

During the earlier sections of the game, before traveling South, you’ll have access to 3 camps: Tucker’s Camp (aka Hot Springs Camp), Copeland’s Camp, and Iron Mike’s Camp (aka Lost Lake Camp). Later in the game, at least 2 more camps will be introduced: Wizard Island and Diamond Lake. 

Camps: Pros and Cons[edit]

Camp Names Features Pros Cons Verdict
Copeland’s Camp  Sells both guns and bike upgrades Only place to upgrade your bike early in the game no guns for sale Invest in this camp early on to upgrade your bike
Tucker’s Camp aka Hot Springs Camp Sells only guns Best guns early in the game but they are locked behind Trust Level 2 and 3 no bike upgrades for sale Do not invest in this camp. Weapons aren’t too important this early in the game and you can always get better ones at Iron Mike’s and camps much later in the game. 
Iron Mike’s Camp aka Lost Lake Sells both guns and bike upgrades Bike upgrades and guns that are better than Tucker’s Camp Isn’t available until about halfway through the game Invest in this camp because it has the best of both.
Spoiler Alert: the next section may be considered story spoilers

Over halfway through the campaign, you’ll reach two new camps and the previous camps will be temporarily closed off to you. You will be prompted before this moment so there’s no way to accidentally lock yourself out of the camps listed above. 

Camp Names Features Pros Cons Verdict
Wizard Island Sells guns Best guns in the game, even at Level 1 Trust. no bike upgrades If you can, wait to buy (most of your) guns until you get here.
Diamond Lake Sells bike upgrades Quality bike upgrades no guns for sale Continue to upgrade your bike here

Wizard Island and Diamond Lake camps become available later in the last third of the game and will have better weapons than any previous camp. 

Camps in General[edit]

Every camp has a few key features even though what they offer is different.

  • Kitchen: While Camps vary in what they sell, you can earn Trust and Credits by turning in Meat and Plants at the Kitchen.
  • Bounties: This is where you can sell Freaker ears. Just like Meat and Plants, some are worth more than others.
  • Merchant: Here, you can buy goods which can includes weapons and/or supplies plus access your locker. 
  • Mechanic: Here you can refuel, repair, and/or upgrade your bike.

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