Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has finally released their brand new Blackout map, which sees a newly redesigned version of the iconic Alcatraz Island. Unlike the original Blackout map though, Alcatraz is unlike anything that players have ever experienced in the history of Call of Duty.

With so many new changes, we have scouted the area very carefully to not only determine the best locations to land in Alcatraz but to also help ensure that both you and your team have the upper hand when it comes to fighting your opponents.

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Listed below, we have compiled a complete list of all of the best places to land in Blackout’s Alcatraz map.

Had luck with another landing location, don’t forget to share you experience in the comments section below.

The Small Island at The Southern End of The Map[edit]

Hidden away in the Southern most area of the map, you will find a very small island just South of the Parade Grounds. The island, which requires a rather dangerous trek to reach, is often a hotspot for Sniper action as it’s low elevation and limited cover make it a prime location for players to gather some rather quick and easy kills.

With that being said though, where there’s a risk, there is always a reward, as the island is a trove for high-valued loot. However, with little cover provided, it is highly recommended that you move off the island as quickly as possible, unless you have plans to camp inside the small hut that sits in the center of the island.

The Warden’s House[edit]

Located not far from the center of the map, the Warden’s House is made up of a small cluster of multilevel buildings. Each of these floors are made up of several abandoned rooms, which not only provide plenty of cover but also plenty of mid-range loot.

What makes the Warden’s House so desirable though, is the large lighthouse that is attached to the main building. When compared to other structures on the map, the Lighthouse has a clear height advantage and provides sight-lines to almost every location on the map.

When utilized correctly, the Warden’s House is not only easily defended but it also allows you to take out enemies from far with the right weapons.

The Cellhouse[edit]

A popular misconception that is often seen across many online shooters, is that the buildings located in the center of the map are always overly populated. Despite these beliefs, the Cellhouse isn’t actually as popular of a dropping location that you may have initially thought.

With the mindset that “everyone” will drop in the location, the area is often left somewhat untouched for the first few minutes of the match, as players often tend to bypass the area in favor of smaller buildings along the outskirts of the island.

Complete with tight vertical gameplay, the building offers several levels to loot and a vastly open roof that provides plenty of cover and scouting opportunities.

While the Cellhouse may prove challenging to defend due to the large area that needs to be covered, it does happen to offer the best of both worlds. Not only does the interior of the building provide close quarter combat, but the buildings roof top is also a popular destination, as its long distance fights often see you with a significant height advantage when compared to other players.

The Docks[edit]

Despite the Docks low elevation when compared to other structures in the area, its ability to offer both open and close quarter combat is what makes the area so intriguing. With tight hallways and a somewhat dark and dingy interior, it’s often quite easy to miss players hiding in the dark corners.

With a mixture of low light, tight corridors, multiple levels, and plenty of objects to hide behind, the large building at the Docks is one of my favorite places to land in Alcatraz.

Model Industries[edit]

Located in the Northern most area of the island, Model Industries is a large industrial style building that offers three levels of loot.

Given that players are still figuring out the map, this area remains as one of the more popular dropping zones as people are looking for quiet areas along the outskirts of the map that allow them to loot in peace.

Thanks to the buildings location though, the roof offers perfect views of both the New Industries building and the Powerhouse, allowing you the opportunity to easily scope out enemies.

The area is also surrounded by ocean, which is a perfect getaway opportunity should any problems arise in the area. Should you or your team get ambushed, try heading towards the water and having your team use its concealing abilities to your advantage.

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