This page tells you how to get all the Hunter Masks in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

What are Hunter Masks[edit]

Hunters are a special kind of enemy who must be summoned by completing specific tasks. These enemies can be very difficult so make sure you have a good gear score before trying these missions. Hunters also tend to take over your technology so turrets and drones are a no-go for these missions.

The Masks they drop are simply an aesthetic item you can equip to your character by using the apparel menu. Getting these masks is proof of your victory over each hunter.

Defeating a Hunter will also give a chance at dropping one of the eight Ivory Keys.

How to Get All 12 Hunters Masks[edit]

The following will detail all the actions required to collect all the masks. If for some reason these steps don’t work try fast travelling and trying again or waiting for a day to pass.

It is rumoured that some of these only work at night but this has not been our experience.

How To Get The Demon Mask[edit]

This is the first mask you will be able to get as it’s a part of a sidequest you will need to complete in order to have hunters appear.

Towards the bottom centre of Downtown East west of the Theatre settlement, you can find the Agent Edwards Support Anomalous Mission.

Go inside the building here and follow the orange magnifying glass waypoint down the stairs and out into a lobby. Cross the lobby into the next room and turn to call the elevator.

It will break, but now you can pry it open to climb up manually. It can be tricky to trigger the climbing response so try facing in different directions.

Keep following the waypoint into the room and you will spawn the first enemy. You can’t kill him and soon you will be paralyzed and he will disappear.

Go back out and down the shaft and back into the lobby. Once you are next to the level filled with plants turn back and look west at the windows. You will see several targets in them but it can be difficult to spot them in the dark – shoot them from highest to lowest to make the hunter spawn.

Kill the hunter and that will earn you the Demon Mask and give you the ability to hunt the rest of his friends.

How to Get the Wraith Mask[edit]

For this mask, you need to head south of Capitol Hill to a war memorial. There may be a few enemies in the area so take them out before trying to summon the hunter, otherwise, you could be in for an even harder fight.

In the centre of the memorial is a pool of water and you need to shoot out the light to the left of the pool.

Then, go stand close to the water but not in it and salute – this will summon the hunter so be ready to fight.

Once he is defeated you can claim your wraith mask.

How to Get The Crimson Mask[edit]

Back in Downtown East and east of the settlement is a building with an open square courtyard in the middle of it.

In the southern side of the building go to the reception desk and interact with the two-way radio then immediately turn around and run back through the courtyard into the north side.

There should be a telephone here to interact with if you’ve been quick enough. If not go back and use the radio again. When successful the hunter will spawn in the middle of the courtyard.

Killing this hunter will give you the Crimson Mask.

How To Get The Ghoul Mask[edit]

To start with you will need to go down one of the three closely located underground entrances towards the north of in West Potomac Park.

In these tunnels, you will find a room with an echo in it as well as a laptop under a map. Interact with the laptop and then go back to the surface.

Now, make your way across the flat water section to the torn down scaffolding.

You should see a lightbulb hanging from one that you need to shoot to make the hunter appear.

If it doesn’t work the first time you can go back to the laptop and try again. We found we had to be standing up on the ledge to make him appear but he also immediately attacked killing us in such close proximity so bring a friend if you’re going to try that.

Once you’ve defeated this hunter, you will get the Ghoul Mask.

How To Get The Midas and Revenant Masks[edit]

This is another double hunter spawn event so bringing along a friend or two is a good idea for this challenge. If one of you goes down mid-fight and the others are still there it will give you an opportunity to run back and continue rather than despawning the hunters.

You will need to have completed the Potomac Event Center mission to get these masks. Return to that area and stand in the swimming pool.

Once you are ready choose the jumping jacks emote or type /exercise to spawn the hunters. Once you have killed them both you will be able to loot the Midas and Revenant Masks.

How To Get The Death, Cross, Diamond, and Phantom Masks[edit]

This is an even bigger challenge as you will spawn 4 hunters at once, so make sure you are prepared. If you take over the nearby control point you can have a greater chance of having friendlies in the area for support which can be very helpful.

There’s a water resource node in the centre of a cafe in East Mall. This can also be a territory fight so be ready to clear the area of enemies when you first arrive.

At the cafe is a switch on the counter – you should be able to interact with it. If you can’t try coming back at night or reloading your game.

Then run back out of the cafe to the large Christmas tree and run around it. If you are with friends each person running around may count as a lap so you may spawn enemies quicker – but keep running around until the hunters appear.

Once you’ve defeated the hunters you will be able to collect the Death, Cross, Diamond, and Phantom masks.

How to Get The Ghost and Spectre Masks[edit]

These are some of the most difficult masks to get because there are a quite a few steps and some chance involved. You will need to have a good long-range sniper or grenade launcher on you to get these masks.

Before you even start this it’s a good idea to have already taken over the Washington Monument and Flooded Levee control points.

Go into the storeroom (down the elevator shaft) for Washington Monument and interact with the television towards the back of the room. You should see three map points highlighted.

Each map point marks a grave sight where you will need to go to and salute. Your positioning can be a bit tricky to get right for these but you’ll know it’s worked as the screen will go fuzzy. If keep moving slightly around the graves and saluting until it has worked for each grave.

This first grave is in the south-east corner of the Flooded Levee control point.

The next is north-east of the Washington Monument.

The last is southeast of the Washington Monument.

Now head back to the storeroom of the Washington Monument and use the television again. You should see a single large orange circle. This will save everything you’ve done so far so you shouldn’t need to do it again if you have any problems from here on out.

Now you can go and get the Hunters. Both will need to be taken out with one shot – if you fail they will disappear but if you succeed the masks should drop on your locat1on.

The first one will have you travel north west along the path that leads to Constitution Ave NW. Before you get there, turn left down one of the forked roads to the components mark.

While standing here, look North West towards a crane holding a shipping container. This hunter should reliably spawn here – but only at night and you may have to interact with the TV directly before doing so.

For the second Hunter, it’s not set. You’ll need to check all the rooftops to the northwest of the monument (but closer than the other hunter) to find him.

You should see static and notice the usual changes to let you know he is close.

This should get you the ghost and specter masks. If you’ve completed these in order you will now have all the Hunter Masks to intimidate your enemies.

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