Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is full of new characters in the Star Wars universe, taking place between the prequel movies and the original trilogy – in the “Dark Times” after Order 66 was enacted to wipe out the Jedi.

In this adventure, you will come across many new heroes and villains – including new humans, aliens, and even droids that populate this part of the galaxy. Read on for more details.

Cal is the main protagonist of Jedi: Fallen Order. One of the few survivors of the Emperor’s “Order 66” purge of the Jedi Order, Cal Kestis has managed to survive by blending in among the populace. He’s followed a mantra of rules to never stand out, accept what has happened, and not to reveal his force powers.

Cal has found a meager life hiding on the planet Bracca with his companion droid, BD-1, and has taken up work with the local Salvage Guild to work on dismantling decommissioned starships from the old republic – in the hopes that he can avoid the gaze of the Empire and their inquisitors.

However, the story of Jedi: Fallen Order truly begins as Cal is tested and uses his force powers to save a friend, alerting the Empire and its Purge Troopers to his whereabouts. Now Cal must evade the Purge Troopers and their leader, the Second Sister – and find his own path to becoming a Jedi with the help of a mysterious companion.

BD-1 serves as Cal’s only friend and companion droid. This droid has several utilities that can help Cal in his adventures, like being able to light up dark places with his flashlight – and is small enough to travel with Cal wherever he goes.

BD-1’s appearance is almost like a miniature AT-ST, featuring two long legs up to a tiny torso, and a larger flat head on top that features an eye-like camera and light-emitter.

A mysterious Jedi Knight who has also been in hiding, Cere appears after Cal has been outed as a force user and is on the run from the Empire’s inquisition and the Second Sister.

Developer’s have stated that Cere and Cal’s relationship will not be that of a traditional Jedi and Padawan, but she will not doubt be integral to Cal learning to master using the force and his lightsaber.

An elite member of the Empire’s Inquisitorial Squad, the Second Sister has been tasked with hunting down and destroying any and all Jedis that remain in the galaxy.

The Second Sister is herself force-sensitive, and able to use force powers along with an intimidating double-bladed lightsaber. The Second Sister leads a team of elite Purge Troopers tasked with rooting out Jedi in hiding, and following leads of sighting all over the galaxy.

The Purge Troopers are an elite group of Storm Troopers that are specifically tasked with tracking down leads on sighted force users, in order to find and eliminate Jedi, and relay confirmed sightings to the Inquisitors that include the Second Sister.

The Purge Troopers have been called the “first responders” for Jedi sightings, and have been trained to engage force-users with special weapons designed to go head-to-head with lightsabers, and will not go down without a fight.

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