This page takes you through the stronghold at Tidal Basin to prevent the missile launch. This is the stronghold added in the 1.5 patch in The Division 2.

You’ll need to be World Tier 4 to play this stronghold and as such all enemies will be at that difficulty. This stronghold is required to reach World Tier 5.

Head south of the White House and slightly to the left on the map to get to the Tidal Basin. If you’ve approached from the safe house you’ll need to overshoot it, past the large pillars to a boat in a sunken piece of land to get into the tunnel.

Detonate The Explosives[edit]

Follow it down and head to the end of this area and through the broken door. Then go up the stairs and right to the back of this room. You’ll find explosives under two horizontal running red pipes.

You should be able to detonate the explosives by interacting with them. If there’s no option to you might have to restart your game to fix this bug. Then step back to avoid taking any damage and make your way through the hole in the wall once it’s safe to do so.

Secure the Area[edit]

As soon as you’re out into the open you’ll want to take cover as there are a few enemies in this area, alerted to your entrance. This will include a purple tier robot.

Be careful not to get too close to the southern side of the map as there are fire lasers that can lock onto you. Once you’ve cleared out all the enemies you can exit the area using a switch by the gate.

Head through to come to an area being excavated with yellow machinery. Most of the enemies are on the other side of this dugout area in between you so it’s good to have a long-range weapon handy to take them out. A helicopter will drop off new enemies mid-fight. Take them all out and cross the ditch to move foward.

Secure the Comms Area[edit]

Once you make it through those doors take cover immediately once more as there are more turrets. This time you’ll need to take it out by shooting the yellow panel.

There are other enemies around too, so make sure to stay in cover at all times or you will be overrun. Try to prioritise the turret as it can do a lot of damage quickly.

Then go inside the building and interact with the laptop before heading back outside and exiting through the gate into the next area where you can find restock crates off to the left.

Secure the Heliport[edit]

You should spill out into an area with several helicopters. You have the height advantage so it’s a good idea to stay somewhat put while you can.

Here you need to destroy the three helicopters as well as kill the enemies. Try to use the explosive barrels to help with the first and closest helicopter, then shoot the rest until they explode.

Once they’re all done, go through the small doors on the building to the left of the far gate to get out to the next area and another restock crate. 

Disable Defenses[edit]

Push the button to get to this next section where you’ll once again find both enemies and turrets.

The Turrets are positioned in such a way that you should try to not push too far forward before taking each one out by shooting the yellow area once more. It’s also a good idea to really use cover whenever possible because they can come at you from many different angles.

Once they’re down, head into the building and upstairs to get to a laptop. Using this laptop will cause reinforces to converge on your position so you’ll need to defend the area until they stop attacking while the gate overrides.

Before you leave this area, you can restock by the water (and get a good view of the satellites). Then go through the door into the building next to the gate to come out the other side and keep moving.

Intercept the Antiviral[edit]

In this next area, you’ll not only find enemies but you’ll need to keep pushing forward to destroy the Warhound Convoy carrying the antiviral. Prioritise taking it out so you can focus on the enemies after the objective is complete.

A heavy miniboss with a Gatling gun will come out during this fight so keep your distance and cover to be safe when he does so. Once the fight is won, go to the dead Warhound and Call nearby allies to let them know where to pick up the cylinder. 

Now head around and follow the waypoint out the next gate. Then restock before climbing up the yellow tarped boxes and jump over to the next section. 

Intercept the second Antiviral Cylinder[edit]

The first part of this is making your way down a rode section as you take out enemies. You can get some hight if you climb up on the crates to your right.

Then move to the end and left and around to where it opens up a bit more. There’s a mounted gun here so be careful if it’s manned, or you can choose to use it.

Move forward and up to the right and you should see another Warhound convoy before the closed gate. Destroy it and signal like you did for the previous one, then push the button to the right of the gate to move forward and watch your friendly helicopter crash.

Secure the hovercraft[edit]

Go around the dirt path to the left after restocking and loop around to fight your way into the Hovercraft.

Inside there are few enemies usually in the upstairs areas so be careful as you move forward. Then head out the exit to the back of the room. 

In this back room you need to input a code to the door to your left, then exit out the two doors to your right. You’ll be outside now but elevated. Jump over the crates and move forward to the end where two enemies will drop down. Take them out and go back inside by the door to your right. 

In here you can restock before heading out the door on the other side of the room. You’ll be outside again and you need to climbup the ladders to get back in at a higher level. 

Here you’ve reached the No Respawn Zone so if you die you’ll reappear back at this point. Interact with the computers by the shuttered windows to start the final battle against Wyvern. 

Prevent the Launch[edit]

This battle has several stages to it. There will almost always be enemies to watch out for so stay in cover as much as possible.

First, you need to destroy the three generators at the far end of the room. You do so by shooting the yellow parts. The first you can reach from where you exit but the other two will require you to get at them from different angles. Then take out the rest of the enemies in this wave.

More will drop from helicopters including a yellow armoured heavy.

Now, you need to destroy the rocket launcher. There’s a yellow panel at the back up under the tail that you need to destroy.

Then head to the front to find another yellow panel somewhat hidden under the main arm. Both need to be shot to destroy the unit.

Wyvern will finally appear but you can’t kill her yet. She has three exclamation points above her head which mean she’s invulnerable.

Instead, focus on disabling the rocket launchers the same way you did the first one. Be careful as there will be plenty of regular enemies as well as Wyvern who can do a tonne of damage with her sniper.

Once they’re down you’ll be able to start damaging Wyvern but again be careful as she is still dangerous and so are the many other enemies.

Once Wyvern is down, you can signal for extraction triggering the end of the mission. You’ll automatically progress to World Tier 5 one minute after doing so.

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