This Overwatch Archive is likely to take players to Havana, Cuba.

Blizzard has announced the Overwatch: Storm Rising event, which will begin week.

Announced on Twitter, Storm Rising is set to last from April 16 – May 6. The post includes the caption: “> Accessing archived file… Decryption status: IN PROGRESS. Target: Located.”

The embedded video goes on to dive deeper into the ongoing Overwatch lore, and the team’s conflict with Doomfist. in a recording from Sojourn to Strike-Commander Morrison, it’s revealed that, instead of going after Doomfist directly, the team is assigned to target his accountant Maximilian. The video reveals Tracer will be put in charge of the mission, with Mercy, Winston and Genji in support. Based on an official post from Sunday, it appears this Archive will take place in Havana, Cuba and involve a Category 3 storm.

This Overwatch Archive is yet another lore-based seasonal event set to follow in the footsteps of Retribution and Uprising. Both of those events similarly lasted from mid-April to early-May. Both involved unique PvE game modes, with one team working to defeat waves of AI-bots. They also included special loot boxes, with event-exclusive content that became unobtainable following the events.

For more on Overwatch, read about the Uprising Archive, check out 13 minutes of Retribution Archive gameplay, and take a look at a trailer for the new character, Baptiste.

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